Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 21st Apr 2004 20:04 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Sometimes, algorithms that change the world arise not as research for its own sake, but to answer a pressing need. One example of this type of innovation is encryption, which was created to defend against code-breakers who seek to steal or eavesdrop on vital data, says eCommerceTimes.
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I always knew....
by Uncle Bob, hu? on Wed 21st Apr 2004 21:04 UTC

...ROT13 would change the world!

This will be bundled...
by JohnGalt on Wed 21st Apr 2004 21:20 UTC

...on the same DVD as Duke Nukem Forever.

Earth Movers.
by BR on Wed 21st Apr 2004 21:38 UTC

The sort algorithm(s) has changed the world.
Or XOR, or BitBlit.

by nonamenobody on Wed 21st Apr 2004 22:02 UTC

[qoute]Certain algorithms are more well known than others. Some of the most famous include TCP/IP, which defines how the Internet transmits data; Google's search engine , which defines the way in which millions of people find information online; and HTTP, which underlies the World Wide Web and played a large part in the Internet's mid-1990s mainstream breakthrough.[/quote]

If biting sarcasm were allowed on OSNews comments, I would point out that the author has left out many important "algorithms" such as: C programming "algorithm", combustion engine "algorithm", writing "algorithm", verbal communication "algorithm"....

re: Algorithms
by Debman on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 04:23 UTC

heh... your hilarious.

talk about a clueless author.

re: Algorithms
by Rudo on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 10:39 UTC

You totally forgot the "thinking" algorithm.

by ozn on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 10:43 UTC

Well I shouldn't comment... I stopped reading after the author showed complete misunderstanding of the concept of algorithm...
And, hey, that was published under the Times label...

Searching Algorithms
by zombie on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 11:41 UTC

Can someone tell me a good site to find algorithms ?

Everyone's favorite algorithum
by glidedon on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 15:03 UTC

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by pjm on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 16:36 UTC

The cover of this month's Dr. Dobbs is "ALGORITHIMS" with several articles, for those of you who know what the word means and want to read more.

Good site to find algorithms
by Anonymous on Thu 22nd Apr 2004 19:20 UTC