Linked by Adam S on Mon 26th Apr 2004 18:55 UTC
Linux Linux is all about choice. Endless debates carry on each day, but a new company with a new distribution, Cobind, has a classic, but novel, approach: Do one thing, and do it well.
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meh, poo, and choice. :-)
by 1337goblyn on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:05 UTC

Not a bad looking desktop, if you like poo. Personaly I find the XFCE4 desktop too awkward. I can respect the fact however that this adds yet another dimension to the linux desktop choice.

looks cool
by Matt on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:21 UTC

fedora + focus = a Good Thing.

Im a slackman till something else better comes along, but cobind looks like something to keep an eye on

by Forsetti on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:24 UTC

Isn't this essentially what Bruce Perens et al what trying to create with UserLinux?

I believe that too much choice is bad -- friends don't let friends have too much choice. Sort of like having enough rope to hang yourself....

Some quick thoughts:
by Ziggamon on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:24 UTC

It does seem like a cool thing, but it has some major flaws:

* Based on Fedora 1 - Fedora 2 will be out in a few weeks
* Not compatible with Fedora rpm's - huge drawback
* No compilers installed - why no?

Basically - what I would REALLY love would be if they made just a few minor adjustments to Fedora Core 2, making it default to install all that stuff, but still be a Fedora install. Also, the system requirements seem rather high for such a light OS...

However I do like that they use Firefox as the default browser, and that they only supply one program of each kind, people need to still be able to install other stuff.

They still have a long way to go, but the Live CD seems cool and they do have potential for a cool product. I wish them all the best of luck...

SuSE, Mandrake, RH can close shops....
by Anonymous on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:25 UTC

'cuz Cobind's got a DOG T-SHIRT !!! in the merchandise dept. -- now that's what I call a novelty :-)

A live CD is announced...

by defcon-1 on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:32 UTC

" I believe that too much choice is bad -- friends don't let friends have too much choice. Sort of like having enough rope to hang yourself...."

To continue your analogy, the average person has enough rope to hang themselves. Very few hang themselves however.....

Have good defaults, and let the users change them if they want. Me changing my desktop does not make you change yours.

by ThanatosNL on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:35 UTC

I believe that too much choice is bad

I disagree, but I think the choices should reside in the distribution--a different distro that did this with KDE would be cool too. The trick is to make the choice in the distribution you install, and not the packages you install after you get the distro running.

A step in the wrong direction
by Robert on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:41 UTC

I've used Cobind and right now it just isn't up to snuff. Using XFCE4 with Nautilus may seem like a good idea, but nautilus isn't setup correctly upon installtion to run smoothly with anything but gnome. There are many features that cannot be accessed. Also, but running nautilus without the --no-desktop option, you kill XFCE's right click menu.

v interesting
by Josh on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:51 UTC
good but confused
by Peragrin on Mon 26th Apr 2004 19:52 UTC

The author routinely states his probelms and say these probelms should of been done in testin but then he says it is a 0.1 alpha release. How useful is longhorn right now??? This is even early alpha for a linux distro. If it is good today, by 0.5 comes out it will be great. Just remember even mozilla firefox is only 0.8

v Re: Big Head
by Alix on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:04 UTC
Sounds nice
by rain on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:07 UTC

This sounds pretty much like the distro I'd like to make (but don't have the time to do). Perhaps not in specific choices, but the focus is the same.

I'll definitely try this one out. Thanks for mentioning it.

what lively colors!
by Martha_Stewart on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:08 UTC

What's their target market...UPS?

Missing Video Player?
by Al Hartman on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:08 UTC

While missing a Video Player, is definitely a minus...

I don't think it cripple's a distribution as a desktop OS.

Through most of the 20 years I've used a Computer, I've probably viewed videos less than 1000 hours.

What I do most, does not entail watching videos.

The lack of a video player is annoying, and should be easily remedied.

But it doesn't cripple a desktop distribution in my opinion.

It will be interesting to see what Cobind becomes in later releases.

by jstn on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:20 UTC
The Choice of Choice.
by dpi on Mon 26th Apr 2004 20:26 UTC

"I believe that too much choice is bad"

How do you define "too much". I believe 5000 MP3 players, 3000 OGG players, 1000 web browsers, 500 DE's in 1 distribution is... hmm.. not good.

However i think choice in the essential meaning of the word, without overdoing it, is okay. Because what a distribution finds to be "the Best" isn't what the user would find to be "the Best" necessarily. My only problem with choice is if a DE/WM menu includes applications which the user does not want.

Because of that, it should be easy for the user to edit the menu's. Luckily, KDE comes with a nice menu editor. I've been thinking about a program which would keep up with the usage of applications and allow the user [by notification] to either uninstall or remove from menu an application which isn't used or used much or an application which has a counterpart while the application isn't used or isn't used much though the counterpart is.

However, privacy comes a bit in mind, and this program shouldn't be on by default and shouldn't be hazarding the user either. Instead only when the user really wishes to. Also, counterparts aren't always 100% a counterpart which futhermore blurrs the chance to chose.

Perhaps a better option is to say: "this program has the following features" and "this program has these features"; "which one do you want?"

I don't know.. any thoughts on this?

RE: The Choice of Choice.
by Gabriel Ebner on Mon 26th Apr 2004 21:48 UTC

> Because what a distribution finds to be "the Best" isn't what the user would find to be "the Best" necessarily.

Then the user should choose a distribution which suits his needs more.

yeah XFCE
by Gallen on Mon 26th Apr 2004 22:12 UTC

XFCE is a wonderful choice for a desktop system. I know people are afraid of change, but it's soooo fast. I can run it quite well on my extremely old system. On top of that, it looks good too. Functional and clean.

I don't see this as becoming a major distribution, though, because too many people are addicted to choice. Why do you think people still sell those 1000 shareware programs on a CD? Somebody must be buying them. Linux does offer than. This restricted choice is somewhat nonsensical, unless it just happens to be your choice. Personally I choose XFCE, so that is good for me, but perhaps other things wouldn't work for me. That said, this might be excellent for the creator of this distro. It's a learning experience for him that allows him to very easily install his configuration on any system he sees fit. I've thought doing something like that would be really cool for a long time.

Was that a Kindergarten shot at Lindows?
by Sabon on Mon 26th Apr 2004 22:14 UTC

Was that a Kindergarten shot at Lindows about creating a user? Of course it was. But if you are TOO STUPID to create a non Root user than you probably shouldn't be using Linux at all.

The current version of Lindows (4.5) bends over backwards to give users a chance to create normal accounts. And this is a mature shipping product as compared to beta 0.1 .

No I don't work or own part of Lindows. I mostly use Mac OS X 90% of the time but also Lindows (4.5), eComStation 1.1, BeOS 5 Pro. and ugh, I have to use and support Windows XP at work.

I'm just on here to note that his attack on Lindows is pathetic and lame.

by poundsmack on Mon 26th Apr 2004 22:34 UTC

is there any distro the uses XFCE 4 as the main window manager? besides this one

RE: ?
by Eugenia on Mon 26th Apr 2004 22:40 UTC

Yes, there is at least one more, I just can't remember which one it is... I've seen it a few weeks ago.


Sabon, it's not a shot at Lindows/Linspire - there are many distros doing that now. Arc Linux is another example. I believe the distro should encourage this behaviour. That's all I said. Don't put words in my mouth.

Also, calling anyone "too stupid" for anything shows a level of immaturity we strive to keep off this board. Do it again, and we'll mod you down without thinking twice.

Using nautilus with XFce4
by chemicalscum on Mon 26th Apr 2004 23:11 UTC

I find it a little strange to be using Nautilus with an XFce orientated desktop. I use XFce to get away from Nautilus amongst other things. I find Rox2 works well as the main file manager in XFce4 (I use Emelfm2 for really serious file handling).

When I want to go into a more Gnome like environment I run a chimera desktop of the XFWM4 window manager with Rox2 managing the desktop and providing the desktop icons. With just the panel from Gnome. It looks indestinguishable from a vanilla Gnome - XFWM4 semms snappier than metacity but the memory bloat about the same. All the Gnome stuff seems to interoperate as normal (Bonobo seems to be running if that matters). The only downside is that OOo does not take the colour hints from GTK2 unlike in XFce4 and vanilla Gnome

BTW contary to what the author says Firefox is well integrated with GTK2 desktops such as Gnome and XFce. There is a specific GTK2 + TFT version which is obviously the one Cobind is using that gets the fonts right. This version of Firefox even takes the scroll bar widgets from the GTK2 window manager (both XFWM4 and Metacity) unlike Mozilla

sorry Adam
by chemicalscum on Mon 26th Apr 2004 23:18 UTC

I misread your comment about Firefox.

Recent XFCE Convert
by Han Solo on Mon 26th Apr 2004 23:19 UTC

I am a recent XFCE convert after using KDE for years, I have finally found something I like better.

XFCE4 is just awesome. It has all the good things about GNOME, but doesn't have the odd feeling I always got using GNOME myself.

XFCE is so damn fast too... it like BLINK! and you desktop is all ready to go with a toolbar, desktop switcher, mailbox monitor, icons etc..

It has everything you need and is fast, fast, fast...and its new themeing is letting people create some great looks.

XFCE4 is simply the best parts of GTK without having to use the full blown (and bloated I think) Gnome.

Severely lacking?
by Ryan Jensen on Mon 26th Apr 2004 23:26 UTC

Without this core application [a media player], a desktop system is severely lacking.

Try telling that to the European Union ...

xfce4! yay!
by directhex on Mon 26th Apr 2004 23:49 UTC

any distro using xfce4 gets a thumbs up in my book

Requirements should be required in all reviews
by anon on Tue 27th Apr 2004 02:59 UTC

Since I look for ways to revive older PC's (even 486's), the first thing I want to know about any distro that's new to me is, what are the hardware requirements? Many reviews and distro home sites seem to omit that vital info completely, or make it hard to find. Please, all, make it clear what it takes to run the distro, OK?


by Anonymous on Tue 27th Apr 2004 04:03 UTC

distros outnumber users blablabla

80+ redhat based, 50+ debian, 60+ cd based, 30+ firewall...
how many people actually use them?

novell,sun,redhat and other 2 small companies lindows,mandrake are 'the distros' in the market

If only...
by Atezun on Tue 27th Apr 2004 05:57 UTC

I wish someone would make a desktop distro based on slack. (Vector refuses to acknoledge my hard drive's existance) Oh well just wishful thinking on my part back to learning the real slack.

********************************************************************** *
It is my solemn vow to someday be able to hold my head up high and say "I am not a newbie, I am a guru!"

choice ?
by PAINTER on Tue 27th Apr 2004 06:56 UTC

Too much choice c'mon i love linux for it's choice of apps
it is cheaper to take choice away

re: UserLinux
by flacco on Tue 27th Apr 2004 09:16 UTC

A fellow UConn-ite wrote:
By Forsetti (IP: - Posted on 2004-04-26 19:24:08
Isn't this essentially what Bruce Perens et al what trying to create with UserLinux?

kind of. UserLinux is taking on the task of selecting packages for its "distro", but the primary goal is to establish a truly open distributed support network for debian (ie the subset of packages UL chooses). UL will provide centralized resources for local companies who install, maintain, and build ancillary services onto the UL packages.

UL's stated policy is to get as much of its customization folded back into debian as possible.

i'm looking forward to UserLinux - if possible i'd like to take on a part-time job supporting it (in addition to my full-time IT work at UConn).

by Anonymous on Tue 27th Apr 2004 17:48 UTC

"is there any distro the uses XFCE 4 as the main window manager? besides this one"

Morphix uses XFCE if you install their "light GUI" version.

Great Idea and XMMS question
by Fred Warren on Tue 27th Apr 2004 19:41 UTC

I think going with a pure GTK2 based desktop and applications is a great idea.

What I would like to see, is after installation is complete that a "one time wizard" would bring up a web page that would mention the choice between open software and propritary software, Mention what may be legal in one conuntry may not be in another, and have links to a yum/apt/urpmi repository where users can install the "goodies" that are often missing.

Things like java, flash, media player, and css plugin for encrypted CD's. This way all of these things are only a click away, end-user agreemtments can be displayed at install time. No commerical software is forced on anyone and the end user is responsible for knowing if they can install css, instead of having to wait till a DVD does not play to even know that they need it.

I also like the idea of offering a "light" desktop and a "full featured version". With the full featured version having more eye-candy enabled, and gkrellm or some dockapps running, with flashy screensavers.

My XMMS question is, does XMMS come with mp3 decoder or not?

XFCE4 is nice but
by Zarrro on Wed 28th Apr 2004 01:32 UTC

it is lacking in many areas. I always use it for some time just to let it remind me why i don't use it as my main desktop.

All the arguments about bloat and slowness in DE's like Gnome and KDE is without merit in my book. I have an AMD64 with more than enough ram and disk and running gnome or KDE is not an issue at all. It's more than fast enough plus I don't have to have windows popping up before I click on the icons! ;)

College Linux
by Paul on Wed 28th Apr 2004 14:34 UTC

This review was awesome, but there's a distro based on Slackware 9.1 (which I consider much more stable than fedora), that already does this... or relatively close to it.

It's a one disc distro, with KDE, slapt-get update manager with a custom front end, Slackware 9.1 package compatibilty, a strong set of tools, and a large amount on customizeable options.... but is simple and straight forward.