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Gentoo The Gentoo Linux Release Engineering team is proud to announce the release of Gentoo Linux 2004.1. Read more on DistroWatch or the press release.
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by mudrii on Wed 28th Apr 2004 07:27 UTC

Nice to see good news ;)

by Mank on Wed 28th Apr 2004 07:33 UTC

I have been compiling 2004.0 since day before and now I see this! O'well I guess I'll continue with my compile...

Gentoo is perfect for someone who wants the latest and the greatest from linux world (like me). My thanks to all those folks who make gentoo (and Linux in general) happen. I hope to give back to community some day...

by rongten on Wed 28th Apr 2004 08:05 UTC

Until the moment you are the code leader of some cool OS project like an assistant AI, or some major project involving tons of code lines, you could always spare some bucks to donate to the Gentoo team, buy their CDs, inscribe to FSF, EFF etc. etc.

If you have already done that, start thinking about some cool project that is currently missing, under the shower, running, watching Tv...

Gentoo 2004.1 released...
by Anonymous on Wed 28th Apr 2004 08:17 UTC

and in only 2 weeks you can have it compiled into a usable system.

RE: Gentoo 2004.1 released...
by ralph on Wed 28th Apr 2004 08:28 UTC

You are probably trying to be funny, but as I canīt hear this BS anymore:

You can have a running gentoo installation including xfree, kde, gnome, mozilla, openoffice in 1 to 2 hours if you use the grp packages that are provided with the release.

So please, if you are trying to be funny at least come up with something new.

Re: Phew!
by Anonymous on Wed 28th Apr 2004 08:40 UTC

You are installing the same packages and system that would have been available in the 2004.1 release, that's the point of a meta-distribution.

Update mechanism
by Wild_Cat on Wed 28th Apr 2004 08:58 UTC

And I just finished installing 2004.0 on my box... Oh, well, that's where the #1 reason why I use Gentoo comes into play: emerge sync && emerge --update world.

I love that distro.

Still going strong
by Q on Wed 28th Apr 2004 11:06 UTC

I installed Gentoo two years ago, and I've been upgrading my box without any problems ever since. In fact, installing a linux distro has become a non-issue, because the new Gentoo release is just: emerge sync && emerge -U world. Nothing more, nothing less. ;)

Kudos to the Gentoo developers: Gentoo is better than best.


Re: Update Mechanism
by Sheb Hauser on Wed 28th Apr 2004 11:07 UTC

If you do go typing in emerge -u world, make sure you do an emerge -uDpv world first to see what you might be breaking!

Emerge -u world is gentoo's mighty hammer of upgrading, indeed a powerful weapon.

RE: RE: Gentoo 2004.1 released...
by Gabriel Ebner on Wed 28th Apr 2004 11:11 UTC

> You can have a running gentoo installation including xfree, kde, gnome, mozilla, openoffice in 1 to 2 hours if you use the grp packages that are provided with the release.

emerge -epv should only take 18 hours here according to genlop --pretend. So I should theoretically be able to install my whole system (with KDE, KOffice) in about 20 hours.

But it still takes me a few days to do the install because of problems related to setting certain USE flags (i.e. circular dependancies).

20 hours?
by bxb32001 on Wed 28th Apr 2004 12:47 UTC

I've heard lotsa good from Gentoo but I'm definitely not going to install something that takes that long (ot at least until I get a spare box to play with:)

re: 20 hours?
by Zaphod on Wed 28th Apr 2004 13:15 UTC

Bxb32001: It doesn't have to take 20 hours to install.

If you want Gentoo installed quickly use the GRP binary packages!

Gentoo is not just a source distro, precompiled binaries are available too, and are just as easy to install. That said, compiling from source does have certain advantages.

by Sphinx on Wed 28th Apr 2004 13:34 UTC

I just don't see any thing to recommend it but a python script and a huge mass of complaints on how long it takes unless you slap down a binary which would seem no better or radically different than any other old distro. Nice concept but since python leaves me gagging and wretching in disgust I'll pass on getnoo.

time saved
by girtherobot on Wed 28th Apr 2004 14:17 UTC

Install Gentoo from GRP (binary packages) in under 2 hours, then as you enjoy your spiffy new, fully usable, Gentoo based desktop, you can compile/update software in the background (if you are running kernel 2.6 you won't even notice a performance hit). Enjoy the feeling that as long as you use Gentoo, you will never have to reinstall the OS again. Gentoo might be time consuming to set up the first time, but you will save it many times over by not having to reinstall every time there is a new release.

I installed Gentoo the first time because I couldn't get dvd ripping to work in Debian, Red Hat, or Mandrake. The mountain of dependencies and lack of necessary compiled-in options of these binary distros forced me to dual boot. After I had Gentoo running, all I had to do was type one command "emerge dvdrip" and soon I had a working dvd ripper. I spent less time installing Gentoo than I did fudging with those other distros to get that program to work.

By the end of the week, I'll have an up-to date box without so much as even rebooting (if there is a kernel security update i might reboot).

Gentoo isn't for Joe Average User, but it "just works."

?emerge -uDpv
by CaptainPinko on Wed 28th Apr 2004 16:46 UTC

Ihaven't used Gentoo in a while so does anyone want to explain what emerge -uDpv does?

Re: ?emerge -uDpv
by ralph on Wed 28th Apr 2004 16:57 UTC

v=show use-flags

emerge -uDpv
by hallgreng on Wed 28th Apr 2004 16:59 UTC

[D]eep (finds updates for things not directly found in a package's dep list)
[p]retend (always run it first!)

i switched from debian to gentoo a few months ago and i am very happy. emerge isnt quite as robust as apt yet (like clearing out deps when you unmerge a package), but obviously emerge gets a lot of dev attention.

RE Sphinx
by Clinton on Wed 28th Apr 2004 17:29 UTC

Just curious, why do you hate Python?

Personally, I think it is an excellent scripting language.

by Anonymous on Wed 28th Apr 2004 17:36 UTC

Still no installer. ;)

/me puts blank cd-r back in case

re: ...
by DarkGod on Wed 28th Apr 2004 17:51 UTC

Personnaly, I do not like python much, for various reasons, but I can't understand why it would stop anybody from using Gentoo, that's just silly!

I mean, it's not like you had to touch any python code...

I'm an happy gentoo user no matter what it is written in!
(I also love gdesklets which happens to be written in python too)

-U vs -u
by mieses on Wed 28th Apr 2004 18:02 UTC

Be careful with the emerge -U option. It is recommended to use the lowercase -u.

-u (--update)
Updates packages to the best version available

-U (--upgradeonly)
Updates packages, but excludes updates that would result in a lower version of the package being installed.

while -U would get you only the "newest" stuff, it may also break your system.

Gentoo as a base for X1000 Linux
by Ahmad Baitalmal on Wed 28th Apr 2004 18:53 UTC

I've been a RH user since 199x , Gentoo just blows RH and the others away. The best way to install software correctly is from source. Even in RH, most of the time the features you want are not compiled in by default, so you have to rpm-rebuild some SRPM. And thats when the hair pulling starts. Dependency on *-dev package and * package is the wrong version, bla bla bla, you end up with a leaky patchy system that you must reinstall from scratch everytime you need a new app.

I based X1000 Linux (for HP/Compaq X1000 class notebook computers) on Gentoo. I got to create a perfect OS for my hardware and I'm sharing it with the X1000 community at

RE: Sorry...
by Anonymous on Wed 28th Apr 2004 20:07 UTC

You obviously have never used Gentoo, even under a GRP install if you think Gentoo is no different then other distros if you use binary packages.

20,000 in debt
by Anonymous on Thu 29th Apr 2004 00:27 UTC

That's terrible. Sometimes I wish that the Linux distributors would have chosen a different license, so that these people can pay their bills. No one should have to beg for money, or bogart money from their online store just to cover distributing Linux.

upgrade to 2004.1 ?
by BuzzLightYear on Thu 29th Apr 2004 04:58 UTC

Im using gentoo 2004.0 which I installed from stage 1 with & Ive emerge system. Is that the same as the 2004.1 release ? Me still new to Gentoo.

nb. I use kde on Gentoo, but when I emerge something, the cpu gets highly used, my mouse stops responding... what should I do?

RE: upgrade to 2004.1
by Zaphod on Thu 29th Apr 2004 13:24 UTC

If you're using 2004.0 all you need to do to update to 2004.1 is the following:

emerge sync
emerge -u world

If you want to see what the "emerge -u world" will download and compile simply put "--pretend" on the end. If you want to see what USE flags will used at compile time add "--verbose".

re: upgrade to 2004.1 ? re: 20,000 in debt
by Luckett on Thu 29th Apr 2004 17:17 UTC

nice -n 19 emerge blah or enable preemption in the kernel.

re: 20,000 in debt
They chose to make it free, if you feel like donating then do it. It is not your concern because if you dont care enough to donate then dont feel bad.

RE: upgrade to 2004.1
by BuzzLightYear on Thu 29th Apr 2004 18:57 UTC

thanks zaphod & Luckett.