Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 28th Apr 2004 17:50 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews ALT Software is a company well-known in the embedded market, offering several solutions via firmware, device driver and system level programming . Desktop users used ALT's graphics drivers (2D and OpenGL) on BeOS back when ALT was working with Be. Today we feature an interview with Dan Joncas of ALT regarding the company's current projects.
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OT: Still miss that RainbowRunner driver
by rain on Wed 28th Apr 2004 18:27 UTC

They were supposed to provide a Matrox RainbowRunner/Marvel driver for BeOS. Well, it was never released, but rumour sais that it was included in the source tree. Dunno how complete it was though.

Would there be any chance of buying this driver today or is it still tied to Be Inc (and belongs to Palm now)?

DX-2-GL driver wrapper?
by Konrad on Thu 29th Apr 2004 12:19 UTC

DX-2-GL driver wrapper is that what is working on, or is it something else?

Interesting interview
by Greg C on Thu 29th Apr 2004 12:32 UTC

I like reading about work in the embedded area of computing. Seems like its an area that you can toy with new ideas and concepts much easier than the desktop arena.