Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 2nd May 2004 18:52 UTC, submitted by James Hayhurst
Syllable, AtheOS Syllable 0.5.3 is out and much faster than previous releases, due to a new ATA disk driver, faster graphics rendering and the use of a newer compiler. There are new drivers for ATi Radeon and VMWare video, Yamaha DSE/DSE1 audio and a new USB UHCI driver. Libsyllable and the Appserver have been given an overhaul which gives them a cleaner and more flexible API. More info here.
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for Syllable's chatroom
by Anonymous on Sun 2nd May 2004 19:42 UTC

#syllable channel on .

by Anonymous on Sun 2nd May 2004 19:54 UTC

but it looks so ugly...
please make it look a bit more polished&professional.

by Sebastian on Sun 2nd May 2004 20:27 UTC


I just tried to boot the iso in VMWare. First time it hangs durng "mount iso9660 cdrom" or something similar and now (after rebbot) it can't get past "Decode partition table for hda"

Any hints?

RE: VMWare?
by Eugenia on Sun 2nd May 2004 20:34 UTC

Syllable (and AtheOS) needed some patches before it would work on VMWare. At least for the older versions, not sure about the most current ones.

Instead of posting flamebait...
by Adam on Sun 2nd May 2004 20:44 UTC

How about suggesting how you'd like to see it made less ugly? Have you actually used Syllable, or are you judging how it looks based on the screenshots?

Constructive cricism is a good and helpful. Flamebait is not.


RE: Instead of posting flamebait...
by Jon on Sun 2nd May 2004 20:49 UTC

Well, not everyone is an artist or a ui designer, however people can see the differences between this and that UI, even if they can't pinpoint the exact changes that are need to be made.
I like syllable, but I too believe that sometimes pixel-by-pixel clean up is needed on some widgets and on the spacings required some times. Same goes for SkyOS btw. Both hobby oses can do much better.

RE: Jon
by Adam on Sun 2nd May 2004 21:00 UTC

And your criticisms are much more valuable to the project since you identified specific issues you'd like to see fixed. Even more detail would be better (ie. specifically what widget).

That's the difference between flamebait and constructive criticism. The fact that the anonymous "promising" poster didn't identify so much as a single item that they didn't like indicates to me that their post is simply flamebait.


by Anonymous on Sun 2nd May 2004 21:02 UTC

Syllable is at version 0.5.3

The back-end is being worked on, less the front end. The GUI will become nicer at a later date ;)

it doesn't work in virtual pc 2004 either....
by readygreen----go! on Sun 2nd May 2004 21:08 UTC

it hangs at the "decode partition table for hda"

v RE: promising
by DSF on Sun 2nd May 2004 21:37 UTC
can't boot
by Anonymous on Sun 2nd May 2004 21:38 UTC

I've tried installing by CD, but it hangs shortly after selecting Syllable from the boot screen.

I'll check their forums shortly...

Thanks Vanders!
by defcon-1 on Sun 2nd May 2004 22:13 UTC

Thanks for the new mouse! That old one was so bad.......

I'm typing this in syllable 0.5.3 right now! As for the gui being ugly, it's ok when
you make all the widgets a shade of white. (#EFEFEF to be exact) I'll post a screenie in a minute.

by defcon-1 on Sun 2nd May 2004 23:13 UTC

I'm having a problems. It seems I can't change my background. I can load up a new pic in the
preview window of the preferences window, but I can't apply it.

Nicer looks?
by cSp on Sun 2nd May 2004 23:29 UTC

A nicer screenshot of work in progress on Syllable can be found here:

by Hagge on Mon 3rd May 2004 00:13 UTC

Looks like AmigaOS, the first screenshot looks like crap thought. (no, nothing constructive for that one, everyone can see it's uhm, uncentered).
The last one looks very good and amiga-stylish, I would like it a lot. But what's up with this wrong placement of the close gadget on the right side? Sure it might be the usual way but it sucks. (Simply because noone is perfect and therefor it's possible to hit the close gadget by misstake and your work will be lost, much better to have it separated from the rest at the left side.)

Btw, scrollbars, I like them kde way (don't know if mine are default or not), that is arrows for both direction in the lower right corner for convenience when you want to scroll around, and in the top and left corner for logical reasons. There's nothing wrong with having two up and left arrows, very intelligent solution. If this one isn't used I prefer to have them all at the lower right corner so I don't have to move the mouse that much.

by Chris on Mon 3rd May 2004 02:18 UTC

I found my iso hung at boot as well. After about a dozen tries, it worked. It hung again on partition data and a restart solved the problem.

The UI is...clunky. I will give it that. What really needs is just some tlc, like making sure the text in the menu items is centered. Its not a bad UI at all.

ISO Image is corrupted
by Anonymous on Mon 3rd May 2004 02:30 UTC

Tried to boot the bootable image in VMWare. No good. VMWare can't even find a bootable CD image. Then I tried to mount the ISO image itself and I got an image file corrupted error.

RE: Read VMWare related FAQ
by Sebastian on Mon 3rd May 2004 08:12 UTC

Thank you. I'll give it a try this evening

Does not boot on my dual pIII machine...
by andreas on Mon 3rd May 2004 09:37 UTC

at first it does not recognise/or boot from my (2nd channel master)cdrom but from slave... and secondly it seems to have issues with multiprocessor or something... because it reaches to some different states at random (it seems) ...
but it never gets into gui ;)

will try it on my other machines later thow ;)

by F. Robert Falbo on Tue 4th May 2004 00:13 UTC

I tried the 0.5.3 ISO, and can only get to the partitioning screen, which doesn't do anything useful on any computer I've tried it on... The drop menu for type does drop, but I can't select anything. Shouldn't this type of problem have been fixed before this?

RE: Partitioning?
by Vanders on Tue 4th May 2004 06:50 UTC

Robert, as far as I am aware DiskManager has always worked and still should be working fine. I'll investigate the problems you appear to be having though.

Shouldn't this type of problem have been fixed before this?

This is the first I've heard of it, so couldn't have fixed it before now.

it doesn't boot on my other computer too :(
by andreas on Tue 4th May 2004 09:47 UTC

it pretends that it cannot read the state from the cdrom.

Looking forward to boot it soon:)

by Erik on Thu 6th May 2004 07:19 UTC

Looks good, I'm posting this from within Syllable now. Obviously no where near a polished desktop,
but I do like the focus of the project. I don't believe it's possible to remake a server OS into a desktop
one with the same success you would have if you started out with the desktop goal to begin with.