Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 20th May 2004 19:36 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation Linux is evolving as the predominant operating system of the new millennium, and legacy operating systems such as OS/2 are being gradually phased out. This series of articles helps the developers involved in the tedious process of migrating/porting the OS/2 system drivers and applications to Linux. In this second of three installments, the authors focus on managing pipes, memory, and files.
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v Yes, but
by Anonymous on Thu 20th May 2004 20:07 UTC
v RE: Yes, but
by Eugenia on Thu 20th May 2004 20:09 UTC
Aren't articles like this one great?
by Ronald on Thu 20th May 2004 20:42 UTC


IBM is going to lose big. Most Banks are moving to Windows.

RE: Aren't articles like this one great?
by Dominik on Thu 20th May 2004 21:08 UTC

No, IBM does not lose. They also sell Windows+service and software for Windows...

why not make OS/2 "free"
by Anonymous on Thu 20th May 2004 22:17 UTC

if IBm cannot opensource OS/2 b/c some of the source code is owned by microsoft, why doesn't IBm allow people to download OS/2 for "free"

re: make OS/2 free
by Debman on Fri 21st May 2004 04:05 UTC

well, that would work since it worked for IE, but I assume MS lawyers are smarter than that and there is a stipulation in the licensing contract that says IBM must sell the software at a fair market price.

OS/2 for free
by laurent on Fri 21st May 2004 06:18 UTC

Yes, they have to sell it, as did IBM Australia when they included it on "The Australian PC Magazine" CD three years ago. Why don't IBM do this in other countries ?

RE:OS/2 for free
by trash80 on Fri 21st May 2004 09:38 UTC

i have OS/2 2.1 that came free with a magazine years ago, so it was free in the UK too once.

OS/2 is *not* owned by Microsoft anymore
by ktk on Fri 21st May 2004 09:40 UTC

I've talked to the chief developer of OS/2 2.0 about this issue and he told me that IBM was not that stupid to sign deals that would prevent them to do whatever they want with the OS/2 sourcecode. He told me if IBM does not release the source it's because they don't want, not because they can't. As chief developer back then he must know it...

so then make os/2 for free
by Anonymous on Fri 21st May 2004 19:23 UTC

so i can install it on old ps/2 machines

RE: OS/2 is *not* owned by Microsoft anymore
by Adam McNutt on Sat 22nd May 2004 00:26 UTC

well duh, of course they can release the source code to os/2 if they wanted. They made that part... Now the parts made by others like say boot code, they can't release, and technically, that ain't OS/2. So sure, they can release it, doesn't mean it will compile. And let's not forget the source may be dependant on other libraries... not that it matters. If you want free and sourcecode, go use Linux. I'm sticking with OS/2, thanks. There is truly no need for the source code for OS/2 to "open up". The pertinent parts for others (JFS, etc) have already been moved to linux by IBM.