Linked by David Adams on Tue 13th Jul 2004 01:16 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Congratulations to the winners of the prizes for developers who submited applications during the launch. Our launch was very successful, and dozens of apps were submitted in the first few days. I'm pleased to announce that the following people won our prizes.
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Moho is really nice...
by Victor on Tue 13th Jul 2004 01:45 UTC

Didn't know about this software Moho... seems to be very nice... (by the way, it runs fine on Mandrake 10 OE).


by Anonymous on Tue 13th Jul 2004 01:54 UTC

Yes, congratulations to them, but why on OSNews?
Shouldn't have you posted this on Gnomefiles only?

RE: ?_?
by Eugenia on Tue 13th Jul 2004 01:58 UTC

No. Gnomefiles does not have a news section, it is purely a software repository, plus, it would do with some linking from its big brother. It needs more app submissions.

good w/ a little dillo
by Anonymous on Tue 13th Jul 2004 03:22 UTC

May I say that gnomefiles looks good on dillo...

by The Lone OSer on Tue 13th Jul 2004 04:42 UTC

Maybe we need a as well, There has been alot of Developer only news lately, could be good to seperate between developer news and OS news ;)
Just a thought

RE: Suggestion...
by Eugenia on Tue 13th Jul 2004 04:46 UTC

No, OSNews v2 was always with developers in mind as the first responsibility, don't get fooled by the "os news" domain name. Geek news, dev news is what we mostly do, not just "OS" news. Besides, 80% of our readers are devs.

by Bud on Tue 13th Jul 2004 05:57 UTC

I really like how this site is looking.

Rip Off?
by stippi on Tue 13th Jul 2004 08:30 UTC

I wonder if GnomeFiles was designed by the same people as BeBits, because it looks almost identically (aside from the different color scheme). Maybe there are more software download sites besides BeBits that are designed similar, I don't know, but since I'm using BeBits every day, I'm quite surprised that GnomeFiles looks almost the same. Aside from that, I can only comment that it is a great idea, only that it doesn't work so well on Linux for me. I have Fedora Core 2 installed, and tried downloading two apps, Moho and Inkscape. Moho runs fine, though the de-archiver gave errors because there were files missing in the archive. With Inkscape, I find myself in dependency hell again. I guess it would be the same for a lot of other apps. Developers should really focus on making sure that they include at least those libraries that they cannot be sure are installed on most current distributions. Or make it very easy to get those. Anyhow, GnomeFiles is one more small step towards better usability on Linux.


by JCooper on Tue 13th Jul 2004 09:00 UTC

Only a $25 voucher for the developer of tsclient? That guy should get a medal ;)

Congratulations to all developers, and keep those submissions to gnome files coming; its proving to be a very successful site when searching for "that certain app".

I think it'd be great if gnomefiles could evolve to a state similar to a combination of Click 'n' Run from Lindows and / or Red Hat Update... if maintainers could group together and work to make decent update scripts it'd be great... a lot of thought would have to be put into it though...!


I am very been thankful, but I think that people had made things more important, I cannot cite names, but one Of them link (Link Dupont) Developer of SmoothGNOME, more would be indicated: -)
I copied one of its Themes in partnership with ajgenius(Smooth Winter) to arrive the version (almost) final of the Xterm-Nice: -)


Speaking about...
by Kasper on Tue 13th Jul 2004 14:24 UTC

... how the site is looking. Why is using CSS to change the scrollbars - an IE-only feature?!

Tell us about the projects!
by Anonymous on Tue 13th Jul 2004 15:32 UTC

This contest was cool and all, but how about saying a little about what the project does on the award page so if we're interested we can check it out?

I know links are provided but that's quite a few windows/tabs to open!

RE: Rip off
by Eugenia on Tue 13th Jul 2004 15:36 UTC

> I'm quite surprised that GnomeFiles looks almost the same

I have talked about it before and also in the contact-us page: was modelled around BeBits, because it is the best software repository in the world. It wouldn't make sense to create something differnet when you already know what's best.

RE: Speaking about...
by Anonymous on Tue 13th Jul 2004 16:01 UTC

> ... how the site is looking. Why is using CSS
> to change the scrollbars - an IE-only feature?!

It works on KDE Konqueror too ;)

re: speaking about
by Tom on Tue 13th Jul 2004 16:10 UTC

IMO it's a good thing to use the features a browser gives you, as long as it degrades gracefully to browsers that do not support the feature.

Case in point, you were either browsing with IE or viewing source, because I never noticed it and it didn't have any weird effects on my client.

Being a webdeveloper i always try to get the most out of the browsers, that goes for moz too, use it's features when it's not bothering the rest of the users. This is actually more feasible than it sounds because a browser is instructed to ignore what it doesn't know.

RE: Speaking about...
by Eugenia on Tue 13th Jul 2004 21:00 UTC

>Why is using CSS to change the scrollbars - an IE-only feature?!

If this doesn't break any other browsers, there is no reason why we should not use the feature. All of our sites ONLY use CSS if that piece of CSS don't interfere with the other browsers.

Re: Rip Off?
by stippi on Tue 13th Jul 2004 23:14 UTC

Ok, you say it was modelled arround BeBits, and I agree that BeBits has a pretty well thought out concept. I was just curious if this is done by permission. In Germany such a case would fall clearly under the "Geschmacksmustergesetz", which means that the design and funcionality of the site as a unit are protected by copyright law. I would guess that in contries like the US, there would be even more effective laws. So could you please comment on the relation with BeBits other than that it served as a guide, which is obvious anyways.


Re: Rip Off?
by Eugenia on Tue 13th Jul 2004 23:29 UTC

As I have explained in the past, the's code was originally written in 2001 for AtheOS. The BeBits guys knew about it, but they never said anything against it. That AtheOS site "died out" a few months later. Now, we found a new use for the code (instead of sitting on my backup files doing nothing) as Gnome needs such a site. I emailed the guys about it again a few weeks ago and they didn't reply, so I think they don't mind. I don't think they would mind anyway, I regard the BeBits guys as good friends, I met them in 1999 in England and we had some good time.

Besides, this is a reimplementation up to a level, it is not the same everywhere, neither it reuses original code (it is *even less* of what Mono is for .NET or Classpath is for Java). I have added new features on some parts of the site not found on BeBits, while I haven't used other parts that BeBits has. The developer's section for example has NOTHING to do with the way BeBits does things either. What I have reused is the way things are organized, which in my opinion is a best way of doing things. Why would I want to do something different when I know that the way BeBits does it is the best? It wouldn't make design sense.

Also, we give full credit to on the contact-us page. The idea was from the beginning to create a site that has the same level of service that BeBits has: the best that is. I am a BeBits user myself since Day 1, and I have said many times, it is the best software repository in the world. Sites like Freshmeat or VersionTracker should learn from BeBits and reuse its good ideas and expand even more with new ideas on top to EVOLVE the usability of software repositories. That's how software evolution happens, not by re-inventing the wheel.

and thats a good thing!