Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 14th Jul 2004 06:06 UTC
Morphos Here is a step by step guide: Installing MorphOS is what this guide is all about. The MorphOS CD which comes with your PegasosII have some errors on it and can confuse you so hopefully this guide can help clearing up a few things.
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by Bill Panagouleas on Wed 14th Jul 2004 06:29 UTC

Thanks for getting this information out to everyone.

by Emil Oppeln Bronikowski on Wed 14th Jul 2004 07:38 UTC

Nice, clean and simple. ;)

Yea, Yeah!!!?
by Brostenen on Wed 14th Jul 2004 12:52 UTC

Only question!!!

Is it more or less stable than amiga-os??
The prior version of morphos was not.

To shut or not to shut?
by Vassilis Perantzakis on Wed 14th Jul 2004 13:09 UTC

"But if you do want to shut down. It is like your old Amiga. Just shut it down. But for now, do not do that."

???!!!! So should I or shouldn't I shut down?

Shut or not ;)
by Leo on Wed 14th Jul 2004 13:24 UTC

"???!!!! So should I or shouldn't I shut down?"

I guess he says that because the guide is not ended at this point ;) On the next page you have some information on how to configure it,... So why shutting it down before having configured everything ? ;)

by Renaldo on Wed 14th Jul 2004 18:16 UTC

what a crazy graphic that is at the top of the page. It looks like it's mooooving.

Such a shame
by Scott on Thu 15th Jul 2004 06:16 UTC

One of the things I loved showing people was how well the Amiga OS partitioned drives, if you ever used Parition Magic you've seen a poor copy of it. It sounds like MorphOS is still in beta.