Linked by David Adams on Tue 19th Oct 2004 16:20 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Maybe you have to be a hard-core geek of a certain age to even see the wonderment of such a thing, but Jason Scott, who wrote the review, shares a delightful anecdote about Pac Man at the beginning to establish his credentials. He says that the off-broadway musical based on the 80's cheesy sci-fi movie is great. I just happened to catch The Last Starfighter on HBO a couple weeks ago, and it didn't disappoint my adolescent memories of it.
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Shameless Plug
by Stephen Sweeney on Tue 19th Oct 2004 16:32 UTC

Get that feeling of being the sole opponent of an evil empire in Parallel Realities' much acclaimed Project: Starfighter! (see, even the name is similar!)

by Paul Dizzle on Tue 19th Oct 2004 17:42 UTC

I still have that on VHS. I blame many wasted hours of playing spaceinvaders on that movie!

OSNews: Taking the OS out of "News"
by Brian on Tue 19th Oct 2004 18:11 UTC

This is now both an OS (or OS-centric) and newsworthy? If I wanted to read articles about sci-fi, I'd visit slashdot.

bit offtopic for osnews...
by helf on Tue 19th Oct 2004 18:15 UTC

but i dont care, i love this movie! ;) It was really well done. They left off for a sequal. To bad none ever came about ;) I still have it on VHS. need to get it on dvd soon ;)

Um.. What is this? Slashdot?
by Anonymous on Tue 19th Oct 2004 18:49 UTC

What is this? Slashdot?

This has nothing to do with Operating systems, programming, or any other computer related topic.

Please don't turn OsNews into another Slashdot by posting off topic stuff like this. If I wanted to see stuff like this, I would go to Slashdot.

RE: Anonymous
by Err on Tue 19th Oct 2004 20:05 UTC

This has nothing to do with Operating systems, programming, or any other computer related topic.

Wrong. The space scenes were all early CGI and stand up pretty well for their age. The film stands out as a reminder of just how far computing has come (I figure you could do the whole thing on a desktop PC now). Tenuous link, but there nontheless.

Honourable mention to Death Blossom, which is a feature I've been waiting for in every 3D space game I've ever played.

The relevance for OS News is tenuous at best...
by Lurking... on Wed 20th Oct 2004 01:34 UTC

...but it was one heck of a stride in computing. I loved the movie and read up on how it was made back in the day. The computers used were Cray XMPs, monster mainframes. As I remember, this movie followed the path laid out by Tron, which had some CGI. It was a major achievement for it's time. Alot of it could definitely be done on a high end desktop now.

by OSSdude on Wed 20th Oct 2004 03:23 UTC

More like a masterpiece.

by Lumbergh on Wed 20th Oct 2004 03:25 UTC

Yeah, the CGI was top of the line back then. Wonder how many machine-years it took to render that stuff. Now that CGI would be antiquated in a real-time game on modest hardware.

by mrroman on Wed 20th Oct 2004 07:42 UTC

i remember that atari was related with this movie. there was even a game "The Last Starfighter" on atari 8-bit computers.

by Omega on Wed 20th Oct 2004 08:08 UTC

I look forward to the day when all movies using CGIs will be featured in OSNews... After all, Jurassic Park was great for its time!.... Those dinausors.... Come on, be serious and publish some interesting articles in here! or rename this site MovieNews. You're so desperate for content you include just anything these days...

My God - It's Full of Stars
by David on Wed 20th Oct 2004 19:35 UTC

I remember this film! A musical though?! Unbelievable.