Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 20th Oct 2004 22:15 UTC
Oracle and SUN Xandros today announced its beta test program for the forthcoming version 3.0 of the award-winning Xandros Desktop Operating System (OS). Novice to expert users interested in beta testing the latest enhancements to Xandros desktop technology are invited to apply at the Xandros web site.
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Good luck Xandros
by myPantsAreFilledWithPoo on Wed 20th Oct 2004 22:57 UTC

I don't think I would use this product as I am already a longtime linux user, but I am glad people are out there trying to make the desktop as palatable to newbies as possible.

This is a winnable war! Home users will be a tough nut to crack but business and govt will jump on a product that is of high quality and low price.

simple is good.
by Anonymous on Wed 20th Oct 2004 23:06 UTC

Anyone can appreciate a simple to use desktop such as xandros. I may try it out even though i am happy using slackware or debian.

by TaterSalad on Wed 20th Oct 2004 23:21 UTC

I'm feeling saucey tonight so I'll sign up for the beta. But remember in 2 weeks or so its going to get wiped for fedora core 3. Then I'll reinstall whichever one I like bestest.

Sounds Good
by Anonymous on Thu 21st Oct 2004 00:50 UTC

Participated in the Xandros 2 beta and was very impressed. Although by the time the actual thing came out it was becoming obsolete, they really put good effort into making a fine product.

Really Good Product
by Andrzej on Thu 21st Oct 2004 02:28 UTC

I've been a long time linux user and always get annoyed by the bloated menus and distributions. That is always problamatic for new users who don't understand which browser or email client they should use. I've tested for most distro out there and I think that Xandros is one of those distros which will actually be ready for the consumer market. I think that if they do it right, like updating their interface to more modern look, and adding some extra software to their basic package they will be very successful. As of right now 9/10 times this distro works out of the box on every system that i have tested and had drivers for majority of my hardware and devices.
-K3B is a must
-Option to install more devel tools (for people familiar to linux)
-An easier way to get and install themes.
-Do some work on Kopet it crashed alot for me prefer gaim

I signed up...
by Alex on Thu 21st Oct 2004 02:37 UTC

Xandros 2.5 is the most polished and fluid linux distribution I have ever used, And the best part is that I did not have to make the switch all at once, it still offered great compatibility.

I can't wait for 3.0.

by Anonymous on Thu 21st Oct 2004 02:46 UTC

I can only hope that it has a 2.6.x kernel and perhaps instead of XFree86.

RE: Good luck Xandros
by thesimplefix on Thu 21st Oct 2004 05:15 UTC

"...This is a winnable war..!"

I don't care if the Linux becomes the winner of the desktop - A win would be if Linux takes 10% of the desktop... Anything after is a bonus...

PS: I wish Linux in the server room will dominate the same way Apache has dominated Web Servers on the weeeb! My opinion: M$ has only done 2 things well for software:

1) Notepad
2) Active Directory -- Yes, it's not perfect & the database has been known to get corrupted in an evil way, but I beLIEve that NO ONE does a DC better than AD!

by Eu on Thu 21st Oct 2004 05:35 UTC

You must have not used Novel's directory services, which has been around for ever and a date, scales much higher than AD. It also existed way before AD.

by thesimplefix on Thu 21st Oct 2004 07:29 UTC

You're right - I have never tried Novel anything...Sadly

Direct Link for this comment @thesimplefix
by anonymous on Thu 21st Oct 2004 11:43 UTC

>You must have not used Novel's directory services, which has
>been around for ever and a date, scales much higher than AD.
>It also existed way before AD.
Might be true, but remember it's not just the directory server. The real value lies in the clients and how they intergrate with a dc.

Write a review
by ntws01 on Thu 21st Oct 2004 14:29 UTC

If anyone here gets to beta test and doesn't have to sign a NDA then it would be interesting to find out what might be expected in this new release. I personally didn't like Xandros 2.0 and for the price of the thing I'd be better off buying SUSE since I just hated my experience with Xandros 2.0 Deluxe and I didn't use it more then a few times for no more then a week each before switching distributions, I'd reinstall it every once in a while to see what bugs they would have fixed but I wasn't and still am not impressed with it. Right now I'm getting ready to switch to Slackware but I still like hearing about what other distributions are doing even if I don't like them.

by Devilotx on Thu 21st Oct 2004 14:54 UTC

I had to sign a NDA for both 2.0 an 2.0 be.

I would assume that would be par for the course...

re: write a review
by tk on Thu 21st Oct 2004 17:36 UTC

sorry, but if you're really thinking about using slackware (good distro), then xandros simply is not made for you.
xandros is for newbies and/or professionals who just need a running system without configuring or tweaking it - a "just works" distro. slackware is fine, but really different...

I signed up again....
by pmaloney on Fri 22nd Oct 2004 03:08 UTC

Testing XD2 and XD2 Business was amazing. They're amazingly organised, and make the best use of bugzilla I've ever seen. Very thorough, and it shows in the end product.

Hope I get accepted again!

I agree
by Tim on Fri 22nd Oct 2004 07:30 UTC

I agree with ya pmaloney