Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 9th Nov 2004 20:47 UTC
Qt Trolltech today announced that it has released Qtopia version 2.1, a major upgrade to its development platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile devices. New features in Qtopia 2.1 include touch-screen phone support, full-screen handwriting input and new phone themes to extend customers' flexibility and options for developing customized, full-featured Linux-based mobile devices.
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Link to press release
by ralpht on Tue 9th Nov 2004 21:21 UTC

The press release is here:

Does anybody know if the sources to qtopia 2.1 are available under GPL? I have an old Sharp Zaurus (SL5500, I think), and I'd be keen to try the new version out (especially as both the Sharp version and the OpenZaurus version are so much harder to use than PalmOS).


by Anonymous on Tue 9th Nov 2004 22:39 UTC
PC version
by Brian Hawley on Tue 9th Nov 2004 23:58 UTC

I remember when Qtopia first came out, there was a demo build as a PC-compatible bootable floppy image. Does such a thing still exist, and has it been updated since then?