Linked by David Adams on Thu 6th Jan 2005 17:21 UTC
Opera Software Opera Software today released the much awaited beta version of its next browser for the Linux platform. The new version includes Fit-to-Window-Width, Fit-to-Paper-Width, improved RSS handling, Start Bar for easy access to main features, and automatic update checks, all presented in a simplified user interface.
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by Garret on Thu 6th Jan 2005 17:28 UTC

Glad to see it come along for Linux! Going for the download now.

by felipe on Thu 6th Jan 2005 17:48 UTC

i'm giving it a try

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by Cheapskate on Thu 6th Jan 2005 17:50 UTC
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by Anonymous on Thu 6th Jan 2005 17:51 UTC
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by bmgz on Thu 6th Jan 2005 18:04 UTC
most important improvement
by joeuser on Thu 6th Jan 2005 19:35 UTC

"simplified user interface" seems to be most important improvement to me ;)

Voice ...
by Darius on Thu 6th Jan 2005 20:53 UTC

Does the voice feature work this time around?

v Linux
by . on Thu 6th Jan 2005 22:33 UTC
Not just Linux
by emagius on Thu 6th Jan 2005 23:41 UTC

Solaris, GNU/Linux, and FreeBSD.

And not just 'not just linux'
by hanky on Fri 7th Jan 2005 00:55 UTC

Also Linux PPC. Macromedia and Adobe could learn something from Opera.

I've just to download it....
by Juan Carlos on Fri 7th Jan 2005 02:24 UTC

This is realle awesome I love linux, and Opera is a good, an excellent tool for every user of Linux, this is not free, but it's a good example of how companies can investing in Linux, go ahead Opera...

by Andrew D on Fri 7th Jan 2005 08:32 UTC

"Macromedia ... could learn something from Opera."

Interestingly, I heard that Opera have licensed the Presto rendering engine to Macromedia and it's now used in Fireworks/Dreamweaver.

I actually like Opera on Linux. It's a pretty consistent (to the windows version) experience and imo it's the best browser on both platforms.

by Claus on Fri 7th Jan 2005 09:14 UTC

Agree. For a while there I was afraid that 7.54 would be the last Linux version.
Still, it'd be nice if they'd soon fix that opera startup script so opera will start also if invoked from a default dir different from the one to which opera is untar'ed. I have Opera in /opt and I don't modify the startup script. Instead I enter
cd /opt/opera;/opt/opera/opera
as the commandline for a Opera KDE menu entry using the KDE menu editor.

render problems...
by Bas on Fri 7th Jan 2005 15:29 UTC

I get lots of rendering problems with Opera.
examples are:

Its not that i use those sites a lot but i use for all my
banking. Firefox renders those websites correctly, however its got other websites that do not render correct. When are webmaster going to make their website compatible with any webbrowser, like Osnews does?
The success of Opera really depends on the people who make the websites....