Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 8th Jan 2005 16:15 UTC, submitted by Michael Saunders
Syllable, AtheOS The December issue of the Syllable Development Newsletter is now available, covering news and updates for the open source desktop OS. Highlights: 0.5.5 release, ABrowse updates, patches aplenty and more. Additionally, the SYL-CON user/coder meetup has been set for 19th and 20th of February in London - let them know if you're going.
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Just missed the SDN, but cdrecord too now
by Vanders on Sat 8th Jan 2005 18:29 UTC

I've just released a test driver and package of Cdrtools 2.01 for Syllable, so now Syllable can burn CD's with pretty much any ATAPI CD/DVD writer. Which is nice.

RE: Just missed the SDN, but cdrecord too now
by Tech^salvager on Sat 8th Jan 2005 18:39 UTC

Awesome Vanders! Thats Great

RE: Just missed the SDN, but cdrecord too now
by Anonymous on Sat 8th Jan 2005 19:04 UTC

Yes! sweet! my DVD burner was my only component that didn't work perfectly with syllable.

Great Vanders!
by Pablius on Sun 9th Jan 2005 02:35 UTC

Great to see Syllable making a steady progress, specially after Vanders speaking about what he wants Syllable to be doing before 2006!

by Jonathan on Sun 9th Jan 2005 12:36 UTC

I really enjoy reading this newsletter, it's always filled with new exciting material and it deals with really important topics everytime, good job! Keep it up!

by Tanner on Mon 10th Jan 2005 22:14 UTC

Just add some *new*, *nice* feature other oses don't have, and you will get Syllable kicking asses in OS wars... really.

RE: Nice
by Vanders on Tue 11th Jan 2005 07:56 UTC

Sadly you also have to do the boring, mundane features all the other OS's have before you can really get to the new, nice features. We'll get there.

Only seven comments?
by Kaj on Tue 11th Jan 2005 15:27 UTC

Are we not worthy of flaming anymore?


RE:RE: Nice
by Tanner on Tue 11th Jan 2005 22:08 UTC

I've a few ideas about some fancy things to add to Syllable...

Just imagine speech recognition and speech sinthetization integrated in the desktop environment...

Mouse gestures (like those in Opera) to navigate in the file system...

In the kernel... something very innovative in the scheduler, just to express the power of todays processors (power that isnt so expressed in WindowsXP for example). The use of Genetic algorithms (seen in some recent articles) for minor tweakings of the kernel.. What a great thing this would be!

RE: Nice
by Kaj on Tue 11th Jan 2005 23:16 UTC

User: "Syllable, burn me this CD."

Syllable: "Unable to comply."

U: "Why not?"

S: "CD burning is not in my algorithms database."

U: "How come? You have artificial intelligence and speech. What's so difficult about burning a CD?"

S: "It was not prioritized by my creator. However, I can optimize my kernel using the newest genetic algorithms tonight while you sleep, if you want."

U: "Why would I want that? Yesterday, I had you optimize yourself for Athlon XP, and I don't notice any difference. You still respond immediately with irritating objections to everything I say."

S: "You may not have noticed the difference, but if I optimize my kernel tonight, I will be able to do it 9.7 percent faster than yesterday night."

U: "shutdown now"