Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 22nd Apr 2002 17:28 UTC
Features, Office Hancom Office 2.01 is the latest version from the Korean company Hancom Linux, released only a few days ago. The company used to offer a Windows version of their product, but they have since completely focused on the Linux platform, even though their product is pretty portable as it is based almost solely in the Qt 3 tooklkit. In latest news, Hancom has canned their Professional version of their office suite (contained more applications in assosiation with TheKompany), and they now going with the Standard version, which is the version we review today. Update: From the Hancom press release: "200 Million Arabic Speakers Finally Have an Affordable, High-Quality Alternative to Microsoft - And Save 90% in the Process."
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Hancom Office on Sharp Zaurus
by Ryan Winfield Woodings on Mon 22nd Apr 2002 19:47 UTC

The Sharp Zaurus ( contains an embedded version of Hancom Office with Word, Sheet, and Presenter. The embedded versions work really well, and I have not had any problems with them so far (I've only had my zaurus about a week).

Just a few little mistakes :)
by Yama on Tue 23rd Apr 2002 00:33 UTC

The suite will have a strong compeition with OpenOffice 6 (to be released next month), but I believe that Hancom will have a winner if they manage to bring the product is a more "clean" state before the OpenOffice folks do.

Firstly, it's called "". The name "OpenOffice" (without the ".org" on the end) is owned by somebody else. Secondly, is approaching 1.0, not 6.0. I think you're confusing it with Sun's StarOffice suite, which is based almost entirely on code (kind of like how Netscape is now based on Mozilla). is free software (GPL), while StarOffice is proprietary and will cost some money.

Otherwise the review was quite good ;)

Lineo is history
by Anonymous on Tue 23rd Apr 2002 01:13 UTC

Speaking of the Zaurus, just posted a story in which stated Lineo is history:

The Canopy Group and Egan-Managed Capital, two of Lineo's many investors, have been running a "notice of public sale" in a local Utah paper since April 8 apparently. It recalls the sheriff hammering a foreclosure sign on an Oklahoma farm with the butt-end of his gun during the dust storms of the Great Depression.

by Anonymous on Wed 24th Apr 2002 07:42 UTC

I would really liked to hear about the performance in comparison with While OOo is a really great piece of software, it is really very slow and reserves far too much memory. How about this Hancom one? Does it any better?

Yeah, and everyone should take a look at KOffice as well, which really gets better and better, and have a real integration with the KD Enviroment. And it supports more languages. And it supports spell checkers. (Does Hancom support the one assigned to KDE application in the Control centre???) And its filters gets better. And it is fast.

And everyone should take a look at the Gnome Office. Gnumeric may be the best spreadsheet for linux. Abiword still does not support tables, but in a few months it will.

So there are more alternatives/competitors to Hancom, so it really must get a bit polished, and must support e.g. XML and "save to .doc", and must be really fast and stable, or noone would buy it.