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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable team recently held a confrence discussing future of Syllable and previewing some stuff they'd been working on.
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by M-Saunders on Sun 27th Feb 2005 22:57 UTC

Syl-Con was great -- look out for the details in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, photo antics aplenty:

(I don't look that scary in real life. Honest :-) )

by cc on Mon 28th Feb 2005 00:37 UTC

have they got pppoe already ? If yes ill give it a shot ;)

by Kaj on Mon 28th Feb 2005 01:17 UTC

No, but we had wireless at the conference.

Unusually bland title
by mjstewie on Mon 28th Feb 2005 04:50 UTC

"Syllable Conference (SYL-CON1) Took Place" has all the excitement and color of a statement like "Thursday happened." Was SYL-CON1 a good thing or a bad thing? From the headline I can't tell.

RE: Unusually bland title
by Steve on Mon 28th Feb 2005 05:42 UTC

Besides the title being bland, there's no content. A brief paragraph that can be summarized as "we met to discuss the future for Syllable. I can't wait until next year for SYL-CON2!", two pictures of the back of somebody's head, and four pictures of a handful of (unknown to me) people.

v Big Deal !
by Eric Martin on Mon 28th Feb 2005 06:43 UTC
Re: Big Deal!
by Vanders on Mon 28th Feb 2005 07:49 UTC

Eric, please try harder when attempting to Troll. Perhaps you should practice more on Fark.

RE: Big Deal!
by Anonymous on Mon 28th Feb 2005 08:10 UTC

Maybe the Haiku boys should give Syllable a call. I mean after all, Syllable has a fully functional kernel and appserver already.

Anyway, more information:

"With an eventual turnout of seven Syllable developers we're all happy to call this first annual SylCon a success. The dedication of Brent Newhall and Jan Hauffa deserve a special mention, both of whom flew to the UK specially for SylCon, spending just one whole day in the UK before getting back on their planes and flying home!

Everybody involved had a good time, spending the entire day discussing technical aspects of Syllable, future development, how fabulous the Syllable community are and also having a good laugh in general.

Laptops were present and Damien Danneels was able to show us all some early success with his work on porting WLAN drivers to Syllable. Kaj had brought an interesting WLAN "router" which could be connected to a normal 10BaseT NIC and act as WLAN gateway. The device works happily under Syllable with nothing more than a supported NIC. Vanders demonstrated a new version of Whisper which is being re-written from scratch to become a more robust email client.

The day was rounded off by being treated to dinner in the pub down the road (Auhtentic traditional English pub toilets, no less) by Vanders' wife.

A good time was had by all. We hope to be able to repeat the event next year and we hope see more of the Syllable community."

Probably not all that interesting
by Vanders on Mon 28th Feb 2005 09:32 UTC

Lets be honest, unless you were there or are already involved in Syllable, SylCon probably isn't too interesting.">It .

What is interesting is what came out of it. For example BurningShadow has launched <a href="">, which is a new hardware database which will replace our old Azaka website. The technical discussion that happened is only interesting if you're a Syllable developer, but seeing Damiens early success with WLAN was encouraging.

There was also some interesting discussion about the future direction of Syllable; how we could maintain the momentum and get Syllable 1.0 done in a reasonable timeframe.

& of course it was just good to get together. Emailing each other for over two years solid can get tedious, so it was good to get together face to face. It's much easier to tell a joke over a coffee table than an email client.

@vanders: hear hear
by distantvoices on Mon 28th Feb 2005 10:26 UTC

of course, telling a joke over a coffee table is waaay better *gg* More fun seeing others laugh and laughing with em. :-)

Keep up the good work! :-)

RE: Vanders
by Thom Holwerda on Mon 28th Feb 2005 11:35 UTC

Vanders, great link that one-- amazing humor ;) .

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to future Syllable releases!

@ Vanders
by UglyKidBill on Mon 28th Feb 2005 16:24 UTC

It's great to know Syllable keeps moving on

keep it up!