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Oracle and SUN In this document I will walk you through the process of creating a Debian package for Xandros 3.0. When completed this package will install the Kasablanca FTP client. Read more.
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by DaniŽl on Tue 8th Mar 2005 10:27 UTC

Realy nice tutorial.

debian compatible
by Sard on Tue 8th Mar 2005 10:40 UTC

I tried Xandros 3 and managed to update it to Debian unstable without problem, then just ignored the Xandros network thing. Itís a very polished distribution and the file managerís great. Also itís the only distribution thatís managed to configure the bootloader properly so I can load windows from my second HD. (added that config file to the pile Iíve collected from various distros where bits actually worked properly ;-) )

Unfortunately itís noticeably slower than a pure Debian installation for me, especially in application startup time.

Though not actually wrong...
by Fred on Tue 8th Mar 2005 12:16 UTC

...creating a decent debian package isn't quite that easy. Sure, you get something installable, but it probably breaks pretty much every guideline in the debian book. But alas, for starters it'd do, I guess.

RE: packaging tut for Xandros
by scarecrow on Tue 8th Mar 2005 13:30 UTC

I don't think anyone mildly sane would ever use Xandros as a base for a Debian SID environment...
If you DO want Debian SID, but cannot cope with the intricacies of installing from scratch, then the Kanotix LiveCD is definitely the best you can afford.

RE: Kanotix
by Sard on Tue 8th Mar 2005 14:02 UTC

But the Kanotix LiveCD like most others comes with mountains of crap youíll never use. I tried it as Iíd heard the scripts make installing the ATI drivers easy, (I just got a load of error messages when I tried them though)

The beta installer for Debian Sarge is completely automated apart from a few questions about your monitor, network adapter etc so itís really not that hard to use.

Back on the subject
by Fizzol on Tue 8th Mar 2005 15:46 UTC

Great tutorial, thanks a lot.