posted by JCooper on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 14:50
Conversations Congrats on all the hard work you've put into v4! The site certainly retains its trademark green, but (to my eyes) it's a little on the bright side. Will this style be configurable? Does anyone else have similar concerns?
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a comment title
by abdavidson on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 14:52 UTC
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We type in text and then click the add italic button and stuff appears.

Hmm. Interesting.

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by adiwibowo on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 15:17 UTC
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Yep, I second that.
It's too bright. But it might be just a matter of taste, I think. And with several choices of theme, we can pick one that fit us.

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Comment by ChrisG
by ChrisG on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 15:57 UTC
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I dont mind the brightness so much. It feels less drab to me.

I keep reading the logo as "QS News" rather than "OS News" though (as in "Quality Seconds").

Also, I think someone should point out that the "Submit News" link in the top right hand corner is wonky ;o)

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Bright is fine
by AndyJ on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 16:48 UTC
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I actually have no problem with the brightness either. I like the bold, colourful style. But I am not sure about the OS News logo so perhaps it could be "livened up" a bit?

Otherwise, great work on the new look!


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I like the color
by griffinme on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 19:00 UTC
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It would be nice if 'tab' from the comment title box dropped you into the comment box instead of the 'Add Bold' button, but I am just being picky.

FF with Adblock is happy.
I didn't know that OSnews had ads until I saw it mentioned somewhere in the comments. :O

I appreciate the layout making better use of wider screens.

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I agree.. its too much white
by yuvaraj on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 19:17 UTC
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I agree 100%..

its too much of white ... should be able to personalize...

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by remiss on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 06:47 UTC
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Dark/evil skin ftw! :p

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