posted by stestagg on Tue 18th Dec 2007 03:30
Conversations I was just playing a few rounds of Chess Titans on my shiny new Vista install (This is my third try at sticking with Vista for more than a week). And the computer has decided to chase my King around the board with his Queen. I'm just manoeveuring (sp?) into position to take the Queen, and the computer declares a draw (stalemate)!!

How is this ever a draw situation? (I'm white btw)
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Conversation links still broken
by stestagg on Tue 18th Dec 2007 03:32 UTC
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I mentioned on another thread that links in conversation pieces seem to be broken. this is still true. I use the {Link} button, and follow the suggested syntax, but it never comes out correctly.

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The game ends in a draw in any of these conditions occur:

* The game is automatically a draw if the player to move is not in check but has no legal move. This situation is called a stalemate. An example of such a position is shown in the diagram to the right.
* There is no possibility for either player to checkmate the opponent. For example one player has a king and a knight and another only a king.
* Both players agree to a draw (Draw by agreement).

Either player may claim a draw by indicating that one of the following conditions exists:

* Fifty moves have been played by each player without a piece being captured or a pawn moved.
* The same board position has been repeated three times, with the same player to move and all pieces having the same rights to move, including the right to castle or capture en passant.

I believe that's what actually happened ;)

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