posted by Flatland_Spider on Thu 17th Jan 2008 15:01
Conversations Would it be possible to add a delete comment function? You know for cases where a double post is accidentally entered, say due to proxy weirdness.
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Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 17th Jan 2008 15:07 UTC
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If that happens, just contact us and we'll delete it. I'm afraid such an option would get abused.

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Comment by Almafeta
by Almafeta on Thu 17th Jan 2008 15:11 UTC
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I would like to request that, too. Perhaps these features that you worry about being abused could be given to users after they have a certain level of "trust."

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RE: Comment by Almafeta
by Adam S on Thu 17th Jan 2008 15:21 in reply to "Comment by Almafeta"
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I'm open to this. It could be an option that works with a certain trust level, but only as long as the edit button is available.

If there are replies, it will blank out your comment, but if there are none, it will truly delete it.

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