posted by aesiamun on Mon 4th Aug 2008 17:59
Conversations I seem to have lost the ability to moderate as of this week.

Is this something anyone else has experienced?
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by fretinator on Mon 4th Aug 2008 18:05 UTC
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I cannot moderate either. I think it is because I was caught reading Slashdot.

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RE: Yep
by aesiamun on Mon 4th Aug 2008 18:07 in reply to "Yep"
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Well at least I'm not alone.

Damn slashdot has gotten me in trouble again!

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Patience, please
by Adam S on Mon 4th Aug 2008 18:07 UTC
Adam S
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Moderation system++ very shortly

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RE: Patience, please
by aesiamun on Mon 4th Aug 2008 18:08 in reply to "Patience, please"
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Ah ok, It was just confusing to see it go away and I thought maybe i'm being punished for not agreeing with someone's comment ;)

Thanks for answering Adam!

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