posted by Michael on Thu 7th Aug 2008 22:53
Conversations What's going on? When I mod something, I must qualify it a la Slashdot. When I do, I see (Insightful) or whatever next to the value. But the only places I've seen such qualifiers are where I have put them. Is the update not yet finished, do I only see my own qualifiers, or am I just the only person to have tried this out yet?

Thanks, Michael
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by Alex Forster on Fri 8th Aug 2008 01:48 UTC
Alex Forster
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I've been wondering the same thing, but I've been waiting for some sort of official announcement before I made any judgement. I can't figure out what actually gets done with the qualifiers.

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RE: Yeah
by RandomGuy on Fri 8th Aug 2008 10:43 in reply to "Yeah"
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I think if most people voted, say, 'funny' then it's displayed. If there's no clear trend you just see the score. But we'll have to wait for Adam's answer to be sure...

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RE[2]: Yeah
by Adam S on Fri 8th Aug 2008 12:00 in reply to "RE: Yeah"
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We're still deciding exactly when/how to show the descriptors. Personally, I wouldn't mind showing them all onmouseover somewhere. Another possibility is like RandomGuy said, when there's more than one of a certain modifier, it shows. Either way, the rest of this change will be visible soon, after we have some data to work with.

The descriptors, we felt, would make it easier for people to moderate fairly and easier for future moderation of the moderators (which has existed for some time, but didn't work the way we wanted).

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