posted by stestagg on Sat 20th Sep 2008 13:53
Conversations If you try to comment on a news item while not logged in*, you are shown a nice username/password form to login. However this doesn't work. Instead, you are taken to *another* login form that does work, but doesn't redirect you back to the comment page, instead it presents you with the login form again.

I know that there is a login form in the header, but many times, I've been left re-logging in over and over until I realise that I've already logged in on the 1st attempt and just the site is broken.

This has been the case since V4 was released, and I know that it was mentioned by someone else at the time, I'd ignored it because I assumed it was just a minor bug that would get fixed at some point, but it has been getting more and more annoying as time goes by.


* I change browsers/computers *a lot* for my work
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