posted by David on Mon 6th Oct 2008 16:15
Conversations Amjith had the idea to do a series of articles "A-Z of Operating Systems" as kind of a resource covering major categories of OS. Do you think that would be interesting or useful? Should we focus primarily on lesser-known OSes, or include Windows and Linux, for example. Ideas?
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Tue 7th Oct 2008 08:36 UTC
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Would that really not depend upon what actual content was given each OS? Learning more about some of the quirkier, lesser-known OSes is always good--but what is the commentary going to be about? [Are we looking at 26 articles where the comments are nothing but "yeah, but why use this OS, when Windows has everything you need"]

We need a fresh context for such a series of articles. How about focusing entirely on what each OS does that either i. no other OS does, and/or ii. current popular OSes don't do (Windows/OS X/Linux).

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