posted by peejay on Thu 13th Nov 2008 13:28
Conversations I think once you are actually on page 2, the OSNews Page 2 link in the orange bar should switch to OSNews Page 1 with the page 1 stories listed underneath, if possible. There is no reason to list the page 2 stories twice on that page, and it adds the convenience of returning to page 1 by "flipping" the page.


Also, you are not able to comment on old stories on the front page (or page 2), and if you click on "reply" or "post a comment" it tells you so. However, in the conversations section you can type a reply/comment on old stories, only to be denied due to "story age" after you submit it.

(I lost my above comment about page 2 trying to reply to the original "page 2" conversation because of that.)
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Done and done.
by Adam S on Thu 13th Nov 2008 14:23 UTC
Adam S
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If you're on a page 2 story, comments, or, you'll now get only the front page headlines in your sidebar.

But you could argue that you should simply not get any headlines in your sidebar, being as though you've obviously found page 2. What do you think?

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RE: Done and done.
by peejay on Thu 13th Nov 2008 17:16 in reply to "Done and done."
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No sidebar would be okay, too, but it does seem like a convenience to be able to flip back to page 1 once you've found page 2.

P.S. The "OSNews Headlines" link still points to page2 right now.

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