posted by irbis on Wed 10th Dec 2008 23:43
Conversations Here's an idea related to the OSnews sidebar boxes and their content:

On the default OSnews front page, there are also random comments and random news stories shown in the side bar. Those two categories don't seem very useful in my opinion, often covering only very out of date subjects.

Why not replace those two categories with:
- The most recommended news from this month (or two months, or half a year)
- The comments that have gotten most votes from the last week (often the first comments in a new thread seem to get most votes, so it couldn't be too serious, of course, but still better in my opinion than just showing some random comments from the past years).
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by Adam S on Thu 11th Dec 2008 14:03 UTC
Adam S
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You chose random comments. By default, the boxes include recent comments, but not random, unless you chose that from your preferences. It's just an option.

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RE: Huh?
by irbis on Thu 11th Dec 2008 17:29 in reply to "Huh?"
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You chose random comments.

I was not talking about the sidebar boxes that I see after I sign in (chosen according to my preferences, naturally), but about the default view one gets when landing on the OSnews front page without having signed in.

These are the sidebar boxes in that case, from top to bottom:
- Recent Original Stories
- Recent Comments
- Headlines
- Random Comments
- Random Stories
- Random OS Links

I'm not always signed in, so I also see the default view that new people see when they first land on the OSnews front page.

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...on the other hand
by irbis on Sat 13th Dec 2008 20:17 UTC
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The most recommended news from this month (or two months, or half a year)

Criticizing my own idea...: On the other hand, the amount of recommendations a story gets may not indicate too well how important the news are. There are many projects with lots of fanboys who will recommend every single news about their fav project how ever trivial the actual news is.

And the amount of plus votes for a comment might sometimes indicate even less about the better quality of the comment (compared to other comments in the thread) than the news recommendations do.

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