posted by Ford Prefect on Sat 28th Feb 2009 15:33
Conversations Thom, could you please stop the use of the artificial root word "frak" in news stories?

Firstly, some may call it inappropriate to use swear words like f--k in this context. Think about if you would use the dutch equivalent of it if you would write in your language. Just misspelling it doesn't make it less disruptive.

Secondly, if you still want to use that word, then please just f--king do so. We Europeans don't have hypocritical rules like a "f--k"-quota, which is the original reason why the original Battlestar Galactica series invented "frak". It just looks childish.

I can understand that you are so thrilled by this series, although I think that honestly, it sucks. Do you have to remind your readers about it in every article because it's so f--king cool?

p.s.: It gave me a big grin to see that you censor "f.uck" in comments on this site.
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by Adam S on Sun 1st Mar 2009 14:20 UTC
Adam S
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Personally, I am in agreement and would prefer to either see smarter language used or the actual word itself. I tend to go a little nuts when people write things like "frak," "fcuk," and "fook."

Believe it or not, some time ago, we discussed this internally and decided that certain words were generally allowable now and again -- such as "bullshit," while other "harder" words were less appropriate and more likely to offend. Furthermore, any competent writer ought to be able to properly express himself without requiring the f word. Thus, we set a small policy in place to avoid using the f word. Not entirely sure I agree that we need a censor in place, however, I do agree that if you *require* the f word to make your point, you aren't much of a writer. In other words, I happily use it, but I'm not crippled without the use of it, nor am I unable to make my point as forcefully.

Is using an incredibly obvious variant any better? You be the judge.

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RE: Policy
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 1st Mar 2009 14:35 in reply to "Policy"
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It just slipped into my vocabulary, and the reason I'm using it is not to replace "f--k" - it's because I see it as a far less strong or offensive variant of it.

Kind of like how "prostitute" is a less strong or offensive variant of "crackwhore".

I never think much about it in any case.

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RE[2]: Policy
by Soulbender on Mon 2nd Mar 2009 15:38 in reply to "RE: Policy"
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I see it as a far less strong or offensive variant of it.

If you still mean the same thing it's not really any less strong.

Kind of like how "prostitute" is a less strong or offensive variant of "crackwhore".

prostitute > crackwhore

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