posted by cyclops on Sat 28th Mar 2009 04:49
Conversations WOW just WOW.

I wonder how 3.1 will do in the same period.
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Quite popular
by kaiwai on Sat 28th Mar 2009 05:26 UTC
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Contrary to popular opinion, is quite popular, especially since 3.0 is now Mac OS X native (doesn't use X11).

Alot of the popularity come from a backlash (rightly or wrongly) because of Office 2007 changes - my father loves it because it works the way he expects.

As much as I applaud Microsoft creating the Office 2007 interface, they also need to realise that there is a section of their market who are resistant to anything that requires relearning common tasks.

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compatibility with MS office (back and forth)
by Dryhte on Mon 30th Mar 2009 14:02 UTC
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I recently installed OOo 3.0 on my brother's pc for his school work.

He was quite happy with it at first, but that changed when he had a lot of trouble (formatting-wise) when he had a group assignment and all of his classmates used (different versions of) MS Office.

Cross-version compatibility with MS Office is already a nightmare imho, but it only became worse when he threw OOo into the mix ;) End of story: I had to politely refuse to install a pirated version of MS office, and ask him to bother someone else with the job ;)

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