posted by Luminair on Mon 1st Jun 2009 15:05
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Back where?
by Adam S on Mon 1st Jun 2009 15:14 UTC
Adam S
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Back in the sidebar? It's there all the time except on the front page and comments page.

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RE: Back where?
by Invincible Cow on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 18:52 in reply to "Back where?"
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Of course he means back in the sidebar (it never was anywhere else, right?).
I think it's ridiculous to have the page 2 news _ON PAGE 1_. I honestly thought your code bugged in Opera, before I tested in IE and saw that it was placed next to an ad that I had blocked. (I will keep blocking the ads until you stop using flash ads, blinking ads and javascript-heavy ads, by the way. I'd love to support you by seeing the ads, but not at the expense of my own comfort).

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RE: Back where?
by Luminair on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 19:10 in reply to "Back where?"
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yep, putting it next to an ad devalues it

I was startled at it in the sidebar at first, but I quickly acclimated and found it useful

so I suggest: put it back or even make it customizable like the other sidebar items

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RE: Back where?
by james_parker on Thu 4th Jun 2009 21:42 in reply to "Back where?"
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I, for one, would much prefer if it were available on the sidebar on the front page. Ideally, this would be a configurable option (via preferences). This could have a specified default page 1 or 2 value, overridden only if all not selected, such that if page 1 is chosen, page 2 is shown instead on page 1, and vice versa for page 2.

Speaking of sidebars:

1) It would be nice to replace the "Headlines" option with separate options for each choice in the list box; thus eliminating the need for the list box. That would save some vertical space on the right column and also look cleaner; users would then have the option of this item appearing (with what are now different options) more than once.

2) If no functionality is intended (none appears to be there in Firefox 3.0.10), please remove the white triangle in the lower right corner of the heading boxes.

3) The OSNews Tweets option is always rejected as a duplicate. This feature should either be completed or removed. (I'm probably posting this right as the feature is being completed, knowing my luck).

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Comment by kragil
by kragil on Fri 5th Jun 2009 07:07 UTC
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