posted by Laurence on Fri 3rd Jul 2009 18:25
Conversations I must admit that in the last couple of weeks (or so) I've found page 2 articles more interesting than page 1 articles (generally speaking of course). So I find it a little disappointing that page 2 doesn't always get the emphasis it perhaps deserves - and thus few discussions arise on page 2 articles than their page 1 counterparts.

So I guess the point of my starting this thread was to:
a/ ask Thom / Adam if there's any ideas / plans to raise page 2's status on OSNews' home page? (again, not a moan as I appreciate everyone has their own opinions on layouts)
b/ remind people that there is some excellent articles on page 2 (though I do get the irony of posting this "reminder" on an OSNews section that's even less frequented)

If there's no plans / desire to emphasise page 2 articles, then is it worth "recruiting" more writers to type up a few paragraphs to compliment said articles, thus allowing them to be page 1 items?

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Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 3rd Jul 2009 22:16 UTC
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We've been very active in trying to make page 2 more prominent, mostly because we want to avoid the idea that page 2 items are somehow "less important". They're every bit as important.

The idea is that in the future, we have more editors, so that page 2 becomes ever more empty.

The big massive problem is that finding editors is very, very, very, difficult. In all these years, only three people really stuck to OSNews and gave it their full commitment: Eugenia, Adam, and me. Adam is not as visible as Eugenia and me, but the amount of work he puts into OSNews is every bit as impressive.

Finding editors is the problem. It requires a big commitment that few are willing or able to give for something that doesn't pay. Very understandable.

I am open to ANY advice to make page 2 more prominent (including a name change. I've been thinking about better names).

In addition, as always: our readers control what makes it to page 1. Want something on page 1? Feel free to write a few more paragraphs ;) .

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RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by kaiwai on Sat 4th Jul 2009 00:17 in reply to "Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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Have you considered renaming 'page two' something else - page 2 sounds like 'second class', 'second rate', 'news not good enough to be on the front page' etc. Maybe something like 'the other side of the news' (or something briefer).

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RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by Laurence on Sat 4th Jul 2009 09:27 in reply to "Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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Perhaps, on systems identified as having a wider resolution (such as laptops / desktops), you could have page 1 and page 2 on the same screen but separate columns (much like a broadsheet columns).

Obviously this wouldn't work for users of large fonts nor portable devices. So perhaps it's not the best design idea?

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Comment by dmc_dtc
by dmc_dtc on Sun 5th Jul 2009 04:44 UTC
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I agree, i find page 2 regulary more interesting than page 1 ;) Dont know why ;)

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RE: Comment by dmc_dtc
by kaiwai on Sun 5th Jul 2009 13:18 in reply to "Comment by dmc_dtc"
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Well, its a bit like buying a tape back in the day - all the good music was on side B.

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Comment by frood
by frood on Sun 5th Jul 2009 11:22 UTC
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I like page two, but I routinely forget about it. What I would really like is a way of bookmarking the "All news" tab so when I choose OSnews from my toolbar I am presented with everything right away. Can this be implimented?

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"Page 2" and browser Back button
by Bobthearch on Sun 5th Jul 2009 17:34 UTC
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I've already given my opinion on what should be on Front Page and Page 2, and Thom has given his. Naturally, Thom's opinion wins, and I can live with it.

One thing, a minor annoyance really, that would make Page 2 more browsable, the way it works with the browser Back button:

Say I'm looking at Page 2, the list of articles. I click on one of the articles to read more. When I press the Back button I'm not returned to Page 2, but rather the Front Page. Fixing that would make Page 2 more accessible.

Just wondering if else anyone had noticed that website behavior.

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Comment by jackastor
by jackastor on Mon 6th Jul 2009 01:13 UTC
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Why not just use a DIGG style rating system? If the majority of OSNews' readers are vocal about what they like/don't like about the site then let their votes decide what gets to page 1.

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