posted by weildish on Wed 4th Nov 2009 23:11
Conversations In the line of upcoming interviews, we've also secured one with Michael Dexter, who is the program director of Linux Fund. We want your input, so we'd love it if you would input any questions or even ideas that may lead to questions in the comments below. We'll thoughtfully consider them and be sure to include as many as possible when finally conducting the interview.

Thank you all again in advance
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Some questions
by David on Thu 5th Nov 2009 16:41 UTC
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Is your organization an investor, expecting a return on its investment, or a disburser of no-strings-attached donations?

Is it necessary for open source projects to receive funds like this? Are there some key open source projects that just can't boostrap themselves with volunteer labor, consulting, etc?

How does your typical open source project sustain itself? And what are the shortcomings to this "traditional" path that you're hoping to address?

What do your donors and sponsors hope to achieve with their support? Do you find that it's mostly interest in a particular project, or OSS in general?

Do you provide any non-monetary assistance to the people behind open source projects (such as public relations, organizational, or technical help)?

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Some questions
by Dirge on Sun 8th Nov 2009 11:19 UTC
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How do you determine which projects to fund and the cash goal?

Does a project's choice of open source license have any bearing on its eligibility for funding?

How will the introduction of the BSD Fund affect the allotment of time and resources to Linux projects?

What proportion of donations go towards administration and running costs?

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