posted by ParadoxUncreated on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 22:27
Conversations I just came across an old OSNews article, and thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject.

While I understand that practical solutions, like C++/Opensource are good, and I agree with Linus Torvalds, on effieceny, and I seem to get the impression, that at the end of the day, he likes to enjoy his computer, rather than think about certain concepts,

If anything,

Programming needs to develop in a way, that favours reusable code.

For instance

Assemly does this.

Routine A does this, and calls assembly.

Routine B, does this, and calls Routine A.

In the end, one has several layers, first one communicating with hardware, and on top, layers that are optimal mirrors of functions needed to be done, in a system, optimally factored, from a higher level perspective.
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by ParadoxUncreated on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 22:31 UTC
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And then maybe a layer with higher level functions, for more basic, style programming, or console scripting.

And if someone improves say Ā«gaussian filterĀ» one day, he can replace just that part of the system, and improve all applications that use this part.

Peace Be With You.

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