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posted by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 11th Apr 2014 18:03
Conversations Huh, whadya know - it looks like OSNews removed the link to this section, but forgot to actually turn it off.



posted by ParadoxUncreated on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 22:27
Conversations I just came across an old OSNews article, and thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject.

While I understand that practical solutions, like C++/Opensource are good, and I agree with Linus Torvalds, on effieceny, and I seem to get the impression, that at the end of the day, he likes to enjoy his computer, rather than think about certain concepts,

If anything,

Programming needs to develop in a way, that favours reusable code.

For instance

Assemly does this.

Routine A does this, and calls assembly.

Routine B, does this, and calls Routine A.

In the end, one has several layers, first one communicating with hardware, and on top, layers that are optimal mirrors of functions needed to be done, in a system, optimally factored, from a higher level perspective.


posted by irbis on Mon 25th Jan 2010 23:03
Conversations The idea of rolling releases: is brought up on Linux forums quite often, so it seems suitable to discuss it here too. What are the pros and cons of various rolling release Linux distros (or other OS's) when compared to each other, or to distros using traditional releases? Are there some mixed models; or what could be improved in the rolling release implementations?

At least in theory it could be ideal if you needed to install the OS only once and then update software gradually in a rolling release manner, getting also important feature updates besides of only bug fixes. The price: stability problems are typical problems of rolling release distros.

Anyway, upgrading or reinstalling your whole OS every six months or so is often a time-consuming and frustrating process at the time. You often need to reinstall and reconfigure lots of software etc.


posted by StephenBeDoper on Mon 18th Jan 2010 01:13
Conversations More and more in the past decade, I've noticed Engrish creeping into hardware documentation, manufacturer websites, and even driver install apps. Sadly I didn't save all of the examples, but there are three recently that really made me laugh:

The's description of their "LimeOS" product:

"A new OS based on the Linux that purpose to help users working easily,study easily and playing easily!"

A description of something called "uBoxu" (same site):

"We have another OS for your option, uBoxu. You can choose it and get upgraded by its USB."

A message I received while attempting to download router firmware from the ASUS website:

"Due to too many customers are downloading through our network currently, you might be going to experience slower download speed. We also provide P2P download which will be much faster. Would you like to try it?"

And while on the subject of ASUS, can anyone tell me what their motto ("Heart-touching") is supposed to mean?


posted by Laurence on Sat 16th Jan 2010 15:09
Conversations ESXi doesn't meet my requirements (long story - dont ask) so i basically need a Linux distro that's easy to maintain, lower foot-print, 64bit and VERY stable.

I might just settle for Slackware, but if theres something better then i'm all ears.


posted by tessmonsta on Fri 15th Jan 2010 03:34
Conversations Since it's obviously not Kubuntu, what should it be? I've been puzzling this over for months, and short of going back to Gentoo, I'm at a loss as to what distro to try. Anyone have suggestions?


posted by Laurence on Fri 15th Jan 2010 00:17
Conversations This might turn out to be an unpopular request, but is it possible to have some more formatting tags on comments?

Specifically tags for bullet points would be a useful way to keep some lengthy posts tidy (rather than people resorting to '2/' or asterisks)

Also a way of embedding URLs much tidier (for cases when we have long URLs or need to put the link mid paragraph and don't want to ruin the flow of the sentence - much like you do with the article body)


posted by strcpy on Thu 14th Jan 2010 17:58
Conversations Hello fellow trolls!

This is kind of stupid "ask OSnews" kind of conversation.

What have been your experiences with SSDs? I don't want to read benchmarks nor read technical articles, but anecdotes are just fine.

I could buy one for my main work laptop. No gaming, just dull UNIX and software development. Lot's of random writes; at least few GBs of repositories which I sync often and lot's of heavy daily builds. Stability over performance. Write endurance, myth or reality? Can I have journaling? Can I have life?


posted by mmu_man on Mon 4th Jan 2010 13:10
Conversations This year, the FOSDEM ( ) (in Brussels, 6-7th February 2010) will host the "Alt-OS" devroom on sunday from 9:00 to 17:00, organized by members of the Rosetta OS project.

This devroom is meant as a place for Free and OpenSource Alternative Operating System projects to share ideas and work on topics like:
distinguishing design and features,
device drivers and how to share them,
sharing code for internal components,
internal usage of other FOSS projects to build upon,
application portability,
file formats,
extended attributes...

We are interested to hear about your OS projects, how they are designed, and what they could eventually share for other projects' benefit.

Deadline for submission is 2010-01-05.

See the full info here:

(tried to submit a news item but it went unnoticed...)


posted by Hisoka999 on Sun 27th Dec 2009 17:14
Conversations I played a bit with aros again and looked at some community boards. But I don't see why someone exept old amiga fans should support this system.

My problems with it are that the whole architecture is totally outdated. No memory protection, no support for multiple processors and an api which is horrible. The device support is really bad and it is very buggy.

Do I have a wrong view of the system?
What do you think about that?
Or is it really a research only OS?


posted by frood on Fri 18th Dec 2009 02:26
Conversations Does anyone else get 3 sets of "Recent Original Stories" down the right hand side of OSnews?


posted by kragil on Sun 13th Dec 2009 23:31
Conversations Thom has all the rights in the world to be busy with his studies/being sick or whatever, but it makes you wonder ...

If Thom where to jump ship (which gets ever more likely the more time passes) will OSnews be able to survive?

(If Thom were to turn rouge or greedy he could just start his own site and take all the advertisement(which I block with AB+) money for himself and pay for CO2 reduction to save the planet. Wouldn't that be something?)


posted by sbergman27 on Sat 12th Dec 2009 17:38
Conversations Looking at the current 3 latest stories on the front page:

'Arrington Files CrunchPad Lawsuit, Brings in the Poo'

'Mozilla's Asa Dotzler Urges Users to Switch to Bing'

'Apple Countersues Nokia'

I think it's pretty clear what happened to our flying cars and jet packs. We'd probably have second generation warp drive by now if it weren't for our infinite capacity for pettiness. You've gotta at least give us credit for the ability to think abstractly, though. Our wooden clubs are virtual now. Well, except for all our nuclear warheads. They're still real enough.


posted by Detlef Niehof on Fri 4th Dec 2009 22:54
Conversations With Google getting involved with more and more internet fields, I am looking for a really good alternative to Google search in order to get away from them... ;-)
Some time ago I made some sketchy comparisons between several more or less randomly chosen search engines and Google, but was not satisfied with the search results.
So, what is currently a Google alternative that you can really recommend?


posted by elwood on Mon 30th Nov 2009 09:43
Conversations Hi there,

Is there an operating system that allows to completely format its partition while it is running?
I know one that can do it. Check this video of AmigaOS 4.1:

Wiping AmigaOS while it's still running:

(@Site admin, there seems to be a bug in your "link" tag)


posted by Almafeta on Wed 11th Nov 2009 17:21
Conversations So, right now I'm at an odd point in my educational career; I'm essentially retaking a semester, after my new school ruled that without C++ in the course's syllabus, my old school's classes would not be counted for credit. So it's been a breeze-by semester so far; nothing unfamiliar in any of the assignments.

Which means I'm not doing anything new.

With that in mind, could anyone suggest ways to keep in practice? What do you do to refresh your skills?


posted by weildish on Fri 6th Nov 2009 00:25
Conversations We have one more secured interview, this time with Timothy Miller, who founded the Open Graphics Project. Again, we'd love it if you would input any questions or even ideas that may lead to questions in the comments below. We'll thoughtfully consider them and be sure to include as many as possible when finally conducting the interview.

Mister Miller made these comments that might bring about some questions we may not have asked otherwise:

Some things that you might want to use for inspiration:

- OGD1 boards are in production right now
- LinuxFund paid for it and used our designs under the terms of the GPL
- We could use a bit of help with the firmware


posted by weildish on Wed 4th Nov 2009 23:11
Conversations In the line of upcoming interviews, we've also secured one with Michael Dexter, who is the program director of Linux Fund. We want your input, so we'd love it if you would input any questions or even ideas that may lead to questions in the comments below. We'll thoughtfully consider them and be sure to include as many as possible when finally conducting the interview.

Thank you all again in advance


posted by weildish on Tue 3rd Nov 2009 21:12
Conversations Hello, all.

We've secured an interview with the Arch team, and this time 'round we want the input of you, the readers. We want to know what it is you want to know from Arch, and so we'd love it if you would input any questions or even ideas that may lead to questions in the comments below. We'll thoughtfully consider them and be sure to include as many as possible when finally conducting the interview.

Thank you all in advance.