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posted by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 10:21
Conversations So, here I am again. It is, how many years since this moderation system was created? And how many zillion times I have complained?

But basically the problem is still there, identical.
You don't get modded down because of one of the "legal" reasons, but because some A$$hole doesn't like your opinion.
Let's see the latest instance:

What is wrong with that? Is it trolling? Hardly, unless I am not allowed to say that I regret the rebranding of Firefox and Thunderbird and the disappearance of Seamonkey.
Is it off-offtopic? I can't see how.
Is it inaccurate? Again, I don't see how, considering that I am expressing only an opinion.

Or is it maybe that some *buntu kid can't stand me me calling Debian "the top distro, bar none"?

Whatever the explanation, the moderation system still gets abused.
No wonder when some people have less than 50% positive moderations.
For those who don't care to read my profile, mine is 85%.


posted by Anonymous Penguin on Sat 12th Jul 2008 14:17
Conversations I don't know how many "conversations" I have started about this topic.
Today I want to discuss it once again. We were told that it was going to change dramatically. But all that changed is when we mod somebody down we are reminded that it only means "I disagree".
For any practical purpose, nothing relevant has changed. Modded down posts "disappear" (even if I have a score threshold of -20).
People with "controversial" opinions are modded down to hell...
The latest, most painful experience was Eugenia, a nice way to tell her "thanks for all the work you have done for us".
As to myself, even if I have been modded up quite a bit of late, I have also been modded down unreasonably, IMO.
Until people won't be able to freely express their opinion, this place will never be or feel like a real community. I mean, I have posted 839 times in 3 years. That is absolutely nothing. If this place felt like a community, my post count would be in the thousands.


posted by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 19th Feb 2008 02:22
Conversations And why it can't be under the current circumstances.
Until idiots can mod your posts down simply because they disagree, there will always be a sense of bitterness and revenge.
Such feelings are the opposite of a sense of community.
My own post count could be a lot higher, but every time somebody mods me down without a good reason, my blood boils. 3 out of my last 5 comments have been modded down, and I ask everybody with a minimum of common sense where did I break the forum rules.
Normally I don't use the minus button, but I do when I get unfairly modded down myself.
As to modding up I don't care, people can be modded up to the sky.
It is the unfairness of being modded down against the rules that drives me crazy. After so many discussions, I still can't understand why we can't get rid of modding down.


posted by Anonymous Penguin on Thu 9th Aug 2007 13:46
Conversations I am sorry that my comments in this thread:!

Came across as: "Anonymous Penguin against Thom"

That couldn't be further than the truth, even if in my last post I lost my temper and linked to a DistroWatch Weekly where the "protagonist" was Thom.
Heck, I even used to regrets that I couldn't mod Thom up!

The real meaning of my posts was: "Anonymous Penguin feels that there is something wrong with the moderation". Now Thom is *not* the moderation.
But I need to explain better. The true, deep meaning was: "Anonymous Penguin really hates peer moderation"
Since peer moderation started I have been building anger up every time I have been modded down just because of an opinion, and there was nothing I could do.
On the other hand, if you say something shallow but popular, especially at the beginning of a thread, you'll be modded up to the sky!


posted by Anonymous Penguin on Sun 29th Jul 2007 05:51
Conversations In this thread:

Modding down was totally misused as a "weapon" to belittle opinions different than those of the majority.
User b00gie was particularly hit by this kind of behavior. I was modded down as well in my only post. I believe mine was a perfectly legit opinion: I have never believed that Portage is such a great package manager.
Now you won't notice much of a disaster because I tried to mod everybody back up, but you can give each post only one vote, and of course I couldn't vote for myself.
Reasons to mod a post down:
"Yes, this comment includes personal attacks/offensive language
Yes, this comment is off-topic
Yes, this comment is spam or includes advertisements"

None of the above was applicable.

"Yes, I disagree with this user/opinion"

is NOT a good and accepted reason. Thus most people who mod down not only are cowards, but liars as well.

Bunch of losers!