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posted by Bobthearch on Mon 20th Oct 2008 17:46
Conversations Cool Free Programs
Is there a page with a complete list of these programs? Only one program is shown at a time in the sidebar, with no way (that I can find) to locate information about the program that was displayed ten minutes ago.

OS Resources
It would be nice if the list of operating systems was expanded to give links for smaller projects too. A comprehensive list of active projects would be a valuable asset.


posted by Bobthearch on Wed 13th Feb 2008 01:14
Conversations I mentioned this in another topic, but think the problem deserves it's own discussion. Since the new OSNews site launch, I have been unable to vote for comments. It does work occationally, once a day on average, but I cannot find any pattern or cause for the problem.

It appears as if the "+" and "-" buttons aren't working most of the time, or they're simply .gif images. My cursor changes as the mouse scrolls over, but clicking on them does nothing.

I have 19 votes remaining currently, the browser IE6, and I've enabled cookies. If anyone can figure this out...