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posted by Dryhte on Sun 23rd Nov 2008 19:21
Conversations I don't know how much control you guys have over the google ads that appear on your site, but just now I felt quite disturbed... I'm used to tech ads on most of the sites I frequently visit (and don't really care anymore), but did you know you even get religious ads? Just now, there was an ad for 'Good News Magazine', a site by the 'United Church of God'...

I didn't know religion was something to be marketed, and for some reason I really find it more disturbing to get religion forced into my throat while browsing tech news, than assorted tech ads. Now this may say more about me than about these ads, but still...

I wonder what you guys think about this.


posted by Dryhte on Wed 26th Mar 2008 09:49
Conversations Hi OSnews staff,

I want to attract your attention to a strange bug in the website. I've been getting an 'Important Notice' lately on OSnews about duplicate items in my sidebar (it's quite annoying because it appears above the other news items, screams to me in red, and I can't get rid of it).

Now I don't have any duplicate items in my sidebar, and what's even worse, if I 'click here', go to my account preferences and 'Set Boxes to Default' (and save), I get the message 'sidebar choices ok', but the notice remains where it was.

I hope it won't take too much time to get rid of this...