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posted by Flatland_Spider on Thu 3rd Jul 2008 14:26
Conversations I like going to the Submit News page and seeing the stories that have been submitted. There are a couple of problems though: I have to search for the articles, and the space is limited.

Maybe there could be a OSNews Live Feed that shows the hyperlinked titles of the submitted articles. They could time out in 8-12 hours or 100 entries.

It could be a premium feature or something like that.


posted by Flatland_Spider on Mon 11th Feb 2008 15:01
Conversations The bug:
Friended people cannot be deleted. The "X" doesn't do anything. I'm using Firefox

The annoyance:
Logging in takes me to a "You've logged in screen!" rather then back to the page I was on, preferably, or to the home page. It's not that big of a deal, but v3 worked that way and it was kind of nice.


posted by Flatland_Spider on Thu 17th Jan 2008 15:01
Conversations Would it be possible to add a delete comment function? You know for cases where a double post is accidentally entered, say due to proxy weirdness.