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posted by Laurence on Sat 16th Jan 2010 15:09
Conversations ESXi doesn't meet my requirements (long story - dont ask) so i basically need a Linux distro that's easy to maintain, lower foot-print, 64bit and VERY stable.

I might just settle for Slackware, but if theres something better then i'm all ears.


posted by Laurence on Fri 15th Jan 2010 00:17
Conversations This might turn out to be an unpopular request, but is it possible to have some more formatting tags on comments?

Specifically tags for bullet points would be a useful way to keep some lengthy posts tidy (rather than people resorting to '2/' or asterisks)

Also a way of embedding URLs much tidier (for cases when we have long URLs or need to put the link mid paragraph and don't want to ruin the flow of the sentence - much like you do with the article body)


posted by Laurence on Thu 1st Oct 2009 09:40
Conversations <quote>

[Google] executives are accused of breaking Italian law in allowing a video of a teenager with Down's Syndrome to be posted online.

The video, showed a teenager with Down's Syndrome being bullied by four students in front of more than a dozen others.

Prosecutors argue that Google did not have adequate content filters or enough staff to monitor videos.

They also argue that Google broke Italian privacy law by uploading the content without the consent of all parties involved.

Google's lawyers point out that, in addition to withdrawing the video, the company provided information on who had posted it.

The four students were later expelled from the remainder of the academic year from their school in Turin, northern Italy.

The victim withdrew a complaint but the nearby city of Milan lodged a civil suit along with a Down's syndrome advocacy group, Vividown.

The executives face up to three years in jail if convicted.



posted by Laurence on Fri 3rd Jul 2009 18:25
Conversations I must admit that in the last couple of weeks (or so) I've found page 2 articles more interesting than page 1 articles (generally speaking of course). So I find it a little disappointing that page 2 doesn't always get the emphasis it perhaps deserves - and thus few discussions arise on page 2 articles than their page 1 counterparts.

So I guess the point of my starting this thread was to:
a/ ask Thom / Adam if there's any ideas / plans to raise page 2's status on OSNews' home page? (again, not a moan as I appreciate everyone has their own opinions on layouts)
b/ remind people that there is some excellent articles on page 2 (though I do get the irony of posting this "reminder" on an OSNews section that's even less frequented)

If there's no plans / desire to emphasise page 2 articles, then is it worth "recruiting" more writers to type up a few paragraphs to compliment said articles, thus allowing them to be page 1 items?



posted by Laurence on Sat 4th Apr 2009 11:13
Conversations Is there any chance these can open in a new window / tab.

I agree with the article links opening in the same window, but the user comment ones shouldn't - in my opinion.


posted by Laurence on Fri 5th Sep 2008 16:20
Conversations Not seen any for a while.
Has this been discontinued indefinately or are the powers at be just a little too busy to have done regular updates lately?


posted by Laurence on Mon 21st Jul 2008 08:44
Conversations What's this currently set to and is it worth extending it (or possibly even removing it altogether?)

While I see the point in a time limit on news items, because a conversation doesn't have to be (and often isn't) bleeding edge news plus the fact that most people don't check conversations frequently, I don't really see the point in a time limit on conversation threads before they're closed off.


posted by Laurence on Mon 14th Jul 2008 23:55
Conversations 'musician' isn't the term to use, but does anyone else here produce music on their computer?

If so, what kind of music and what's your set up?

Currently I'm using FL Studio (not the greatest peice of kit, but it's doing the job for now) and Ableton to build up the individual tracks into an album peice. I also have a number of midi controllers hooked up, but other than that, not actual hardware as such.

The stuff I'm producing at the moment is an Aphex Twin inspired story. Kind of like war of the worlds, but without the narration.

I've not been at it for long though so I'm still relatively low down on the huuuuuge learning curve that is digital music.

It will be interesting to hear what other OS geeks are working on as I know there's a few audiophilles on there.


posted by Laurence on Fri 11th Apr 2008 12:05
Conversations ZFS is listed as "experimental support" - does anyone know how stable and reliable this support is (or know where I can look to find more information out about FBSD's ZFS support)?


posted by Laurence on Tue 1st Apr 2008 10:02
Conversations After recently being converted to the excellent Arch distro of Linux I'm slightly saddened to read the following announcement: (item in pink)

While I understand that the majority of Arch users are German speaking, I also can't help thinking that this move will only hinder the distro from gaining more "market share" (for want a better term).

While there are hundreds of other distro's available, Arch was the only one (aside Slackware) I've liked: it's package manager was simple and effective, it used BSD style init's (I've never agreed with Linux's excessively complex run-time modes). But despite all the simplicity, it never felt 'dumbed down' (like the more 'mainstream' of desktop distros can do – particularly Ubuntu), it's free from bloat and highly configurable.

Not being a German speaker, I feel my support is going to be somewhat neglected.

What are your thoughts Arch or distro langauges in general?


posted by Laurence on Mon 10th Mar 2008 22:05
Conversations Any chance of making this bigger?
I'm often finding myself typing my comments out into a text editor so I can easier see my full post before submitting it.

It feels particularly small when I'm quoting a parent message as i'm often need deep in quote tags.


posted by Laurence on Wed 6th Feb 2008 00:19
Conversations In the Ubuntu virtulisation story summary, it announces that there is 1 comment yet at the bottom of the story no comments appear:


posted by Laurence on Mon 4th Feb 2008 14:56
Conversations Lately (possibly since OSNews v4.1?) I've noticed the following characters creap in: "�€�s"

At first I assumed it was Firefox on Slackware having a different charater set to the post in question, but it seems to do with my work desktop (IE7 on WinXP).

This is a known bug?


posted by Laurence on Thu 9th Aug 2007 11:56
Conversations As someone who is just starting out in OS development (purely as a hobby project) I would find articles on this subject extremely useful. Whether it be something as complicated as hints for coding your own kernel to something as brief as an overview / review of student OSs to study and learn from.

I'd love to write a few articles on this myself, but clearly 1 week of building my own kernel is not even remotely enough experience to write anything informative to others starting out (or even just a passing interest).