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posted by Michael on Tue 4th Nov 2008 15:03
Conversations What's the deal with "Page 2"?


posted by Michael on Thu 7th Aug 2008 22:53
Conversations What's going on? When I mod something, I must qualify it a la Slashdot. When I do, I see (Insightful) or whatever next to the value. But the only places I've seen such qualifiers are where I have put them. Is the update not yet finished, do I only see my own qualifiers, or am I just the only person to have tried this out yet?

Thanks, Michael


posted by Michael on Tue 18th Mar 2008 12:30
Conversations Title says it all really. It seems daft that the people most interested in a particular story are actively prevented from moderating it. What's more, I can mod comments until I comment myself. So should I make sure I've got all my moderating done before I comment?

What this does is accentuate the existing problem of "the earlier you comment, the higher you will be modded". I come back to see if there are any more comments in a thread I commented on, and find there are but I can only reply to them - I can't mod them up. So all the people down the bottom of the page are at their initial score, because the only people who are reading those comments can't mod them.


posted by Michael on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 21:02
Conversations Problem: Moderation does not always seem fair, and modding down is misused. I have two suggestions: 1: Allow modding down, for any reason, comments with a score of 3 or more. OR 2: Rebalance the mods, keeping unlimitedly high scores but only displaying a rank - say, 5 for the top 5% of comments, 4 for the next 5%, 3 for the next 15%, 2 for the next 30% and 1 for the remaining 45% of positively scoring comments. Leave negaitve scores alone. Discuss.