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posted by RandomGuy on Sat 10th Jan 2009 00:35
Conversations xkcd on Vista, pure genius as always:


posted by RandomGuy on Thu 18th Sep 2008 00:26
Conversations Under profile, "Number of Comment Votes Applied" doesn't change.
Maybe it's a bug caused by the change of the voting system?

Also, the mouseover text of the firefox icon contains the html code for ampersand...
Yes, I was very bored ;)


posted by RandomGuy on Mon 14th Jul 2008 22:44
Conversations Interview with Shuttleworth:

Seeing how KDE4 already put a nice framework in place this an interesting, if unlikely, alternative to GTK+3...


posted by RandomGuy on Fri 4th Jul 2008 00:18
Conversations Going beyond simple browser based OS marketshare numbers, everybody who feels like it can comment on the operating systems he has used and what operating system(s) he's using/considering now. Maybe also what marketshare trends you're seeing around you (work/university/friends/family) and what country you're from. No flamefest, please.

I'll go first:
Country: Germany
--GeoWorks Ensemble [~100MHz laptop]
--Windows95 [or maybe 98?, ~250MHz Desktop]
--WindowsXP [~500MHz Desktop]
--2003?--Suse 8.x WinXP dual boot [Athlon 3000+ Desktop]
--Linux distro-whoring, some desktop oriented BSDs, kept using WinXP
--PCLinuxOS, WindowsXP
--2006?--PCLinuxOS, (K)Ubuntu mainly [first time Linux only!]
--2008--Kubuntu [PCLinuxOS as a live CD]

Friends/Family: 90% XP, 5% Vista, 5% Linux
University [physics faculty]:
--students: 70% XP, 10% Vista, 10% Mac, 10% Linux
--profs: 50% XP, 10% Vista, 20% Linux, 20% Mac



posted by RandomGuy on Fri 14th Dec 2007 16:42
Conversations My last comment in the lazy evaluation discussion is only visible in flat view and was visible in the "Recent Comments" section. Have I run into an unofficial limit with my several multi thousand char posts?

(If this turns out to be browser dependent behavior: It happens with both, Konqueror and Firefox)


posted by RandomGuy on Wed 20th Jun 2007 21:51
Conversations I just tried quoting several parts of a post and it seems that I'm either too dumb to do that or something is broken.
You know, like

My comment
rest of the comment.

Of course with /q and these square brackets.
Sorry if this has already been mentioned or if it's a feature...


posted by RandomGuy on Tue 22nd May 2007 21:15
Conversations It seems that OSNews v4 does not give the browser an Icon which is especially annoying if I bookmark it (text is too long winded for me).

Could you please change that?


posted by RandomGuy on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 14:09
Conversations Might be a weird idea but how about this: Let people start conversations instead of submits. This way you could post your story as a conversation and it would be online immediately for those who want to read conversations. One could then comment on it and/or suggest it should become "real" news. This way, OSNews would have all the latest stories really fast (under conversations) while still maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio on the main page.