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posted by SReilly on Sun 29th Mar 2009 05:25
Conversations Yesterday, I got pretty wound up with a post made advising someone to use BSD code for their wireless drivers as 1) GPL'd code would magically turn their whole OS GPL and 2) the GPL'd code was probably originally BSD but had been co-opted.

To say the least, this really ticked me off! The post I made in reply was quite inflammatory (it was deleted and quite rightly so) but my point still remains. I find such drumming up of bad feelings in the open source world extremely detrimental and find it quite abhorrent, not to mention counter productive.

How do you people feel about this? Hopefully, I'm not alone in these sentiments.


posted by SReilly on Thu 6th Sep 2007 00:16
Conversations I don't know if it's just me, or maybe I'm getting flashbacks from my uni days, but I think I've noticed at least two of my posts being edited and not by me.

I'm not ripping, just asking, but is this a common thing?


posted by SReilly on Fri 3rd Aug 2007 13:12
Conversations Seriously, this dude- [link]|| ||Moulinneuf[/link]- is a troll.
The guy not only rants about BSD, he also spreads major league FUD about BSD pretty much every time he gets the chance.

I recently had a bit of a 'discussion' with him and quickly found out that not only can he not spell, but his grammar is appalling. Sure, I ain't the best at either, and do I hear 'but he is not a native English speaker'? All valid and true but just check this out:
I am sure you have seen many of those on many platform and get the report on each device specifically :
Yes , according to you , financial establishment are recognized as testing many different cutting edge hardware and have really the chance to test and deploy many different configurations ... ( Cynic from me and bullshit from you )
The reality is the MOM and Pop shop at the corner from where you live is going to be seing more different system version and architecture for sale then you will


posted by SReilly on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 10:06
Conversations Has anybody seen this person? [link]|| ||NotPaker[/link] Last seen adamantly opposing the very notion that any non MS operating system could possible have any real value above curiosity level. Has been seen here - [link]|| ||Digg[/link], here [link]|| ||ZDNet[/link] and here [link]|| ||ActiveWin[/link] If seen, please report sighting to Redmond