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posted by StephenBeDoper on Mon 18th Jan 2010 01:13
Conversations More and more in the past decade, I've noticed Engrish creeping into hardware documentation, manufacturer websites, and even driver install apps. Sadly I didn't save all of the examples, but there are three recently that really made me laugh:

The's description of their "LimeOS" product:

"A new OS based on the Linux that purpose to help users working easily,study easily and playing easily!"

A description of something called "uBoxu" (same site):

"We have another OS for your option, uBoxu. You can choose it and get upgraded by its USB."

A message I received while attempting to download router firmware from the ASUS website:

"Due to too many customers are downloading through our network currently, you might be going to experience slower download speed. We also provide P2P download which will be much faster. Would you like to try it?"

And while on the subject of ASUS, can anyone tell me what their motto ("Heart-touching") is supposed to mean?


posted by StephenBeDoper on Mon 29th Jun 2009 19:37
Conversations I've noticed an increasingly-widespread tendency for people to take a negative view of using Flash for the display of video content on web pages. Personally, I have no great love of Flash ("FlashBlock" is the only Firefox extension I use) - but that said, I still think that Flash is currently the best way to deliver video content on the web.

According to the last stats I saw, Flash is installed on approx. 95% of computers used for web surfing. So using Flash to deliver video means that most people can view it without having to install any additional software (whether they use Linux, Mac, or Windows). And even on platforms with no Flash player (E.g, BeOS, my preferred OS), I can still grab the FLV file (increasingly, the MP4 file) and play it through VLC.

While I agree that Flash video is not an ideal solution (something that the <video> tag should eventually/hopefully give us), it's certainly an improvement over the bad old days of Quicktime, Windows Media, and


posted by StephenBeDoper on Fri 23rd Jan 2009 15:40
Conversations This is a quick rant about some of the specific annoyances I've run into as a heavy EMail user, especially in the last few years.

- Does no one understand why (or how) to use "reply-to-all" anymore? I've given up asking at this point, and usually just put addresses back in the CC field manually. One former coworker went so far as to respond to EMails by forwarding the message back to the sender, with her response at the top.

- It seems that fewer and fewer people understand how to reply to long EMails (replying underneath specific points). And those that do often end up inventing their own quoting scheme (E.g., colour-coding their text).

- Basic literacy - it's amazing how many supposed-professionals use emoticons, chat lingo, ALL CAPS, etc, in their EMail. Have elementary schools stopped teaching the basics of writing a formal letter?

- Related to that, it seems that many people have spent so much time using IM that they are completely unable to comprehend (or write)