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posted by butters on Mon 1st Oct 2007 21:52
Conversations I think I'll try out this conversation stuff...

I have a wonderful grandma (84 years young) who has been using WebTV for several years. She loves email. But her service has been very flaky lately, and her inbox is often full. I must rescue her from WebTV.

So I'm shopping for a *nix distro that serves as a good WebTV replacement. It should have a decent browser with bookmarks and flash. My grandma has never used a mouse, so easy arrow-key navigation would be greatly appreciated.

I'm either going to buy (or beg) an AGP video card with TV-out for a 667MHz Celeron with 192MB of RAM or get one of those set-top-box PCs. The only peripherals are a USB wireless keyboard, a printer, and a TV. The current setup uses dial-up, but I may be able to change that.

What do you folks recommend? Has anybody played around with some of the "kiosk" distributions?