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posted by deathshadow on Wed 9th Jan 2008 06:36
Conversations The fonts aren't dynamic so lte IE6 users are stuck at crap size... not bad enough all the fonts are in PX, but they are BELOW 12px, basically making them unusable on modern laptops and any machine running large fonts/120dpi (or 100dpi linux) I have to zoom in 50% to read the articles, then zoom back out because the input boxes ARE dynamic fonts!

Search bar blows out of it's container, WAY too much white space between columns wasting valuable layout space, it's NOT 800 wide friendly (longstanding hallmark of the site) combine this with the absurdly small fonts and on my laptop ALL the themes are next to useless.

Javascripted mouseovers? What is this 1997? 67k of html for 16k of content? 109k of javascripts that don't even seem to do anything USEFUL? 50k for a crappy 120x120 image? No CSS media types? Characters that don't match the encoding? Not trace one of ANYTHING resembling semantic markup? Sorry, but /FAIL/ at intarweb man. This new theme is a train wreck.