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posted by helf on Wed 20th Feb 2008 15:37
Conversations I'm using (I think) the Classic Theme with my account. It works great except for the fact I can't get at my account settings anymore. I can take a screenshot if needed. It does it in Opera, Firefox, and IE6/7 on Windows XP (and probably any other OS, I haven't tried it on anything else). The usual box for controlling your account is completely gone.

All that's there is "Search OSNews", "Latest Comic", "Recent Original Stories", "Recent Conversations", "Recent Comments", "Headlines".

Top nav bar just has Home, Originals, Conversations, News Archive, Docs, Topics, FAQ, Contact, and Submit News.


posted by helf on Sat 26th Jan 2008 18:18
Conversations I was goofing around with the waybackmachine earlier and typed in ... I REALLY like the old 1998 logo ;)

me thinks you should swap the current one with it ;)


posted by helf on Wed 9th Jan 2008 16:14
Conversations I have my view set to thread. When I click on a comment to read it, all the menus and access options on the side (right hand side on my theme) are at the bottom of the page underneigth the comment. It looks like what old browsers do when they encounter CSS and can't render it ;)