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posted by irbis on Mon 25th Jan 2010 23:03
Conversations The idea of rolling releases: is brought up on Linux forums quite often, so it seems suitable to discuss it here too. What are the pros and cons of various rolling release Linux distros (or other OS's) when compared to each other, or to distros using traditional releases? Are there some mixed models; or what could be improved in the rolling release implementations?

At least in theory it could be ideal if you needed to install the OS only once and then update software gradually in a rolling release manner, getting also important feature updates besides of only bug fixes. The price: stability problems are typical problems of rolling release distros.

Anyway, upgrading or reinstalling your whole OS every six months or so is often a time-consuming and frustrating process at the time. You often need to reinstall and reconfigure lots of software etc.


posted by irbis on Wed 10th Dec 2008 23:43
Conversations Here's an idea related to the OSnews sidebar boxes and their content:

On the default OSnews front page, there are also random comments and random news stories shown in the side bar. Those two categories don't seem very useful in my opinion, often covering only very out of date subjects.

Why not replace those two categories with:
- The most recommended news from this month (or two months, or half a year)
- The comments that have gotten most votes from the last week (often the first comments in a new thread seem to get most votes, so it couldn't be too serious, of course, but still better in my opinion than just showing some random comments from the past years).


posted by irbis on Tue 7th Oct 2008 19:50
Conversations There seems to be no option to edit your comment titles although editing the comment text is possible (fixing typos etc.). I wonder if editing titles could be added too? Or would it break comment threads if comment titles were changed too often? Editing titles would be useful if you mistyped a word, for example (I know, I know - proof reading your comment before pressing the submit button would be even more useful, though...).


posted by irbis on Sun 28th Sep 2008 18:46
Conversations It could be interesting to know which (kind of) news stories have been rated best and so recommended most here on OSnews. A list of twenty most recommended news stories this year or something like that? Of course, listing the most recommended stories could also just tell about the amount of fanboys that certain IT projects have among the OSnews readers and commentators - but it might be fun to know more about that too.


posted by irbis on Tue 18th Mar 2008 21:50
Conversations There are many interesting new alternative operating systems: Syllable, Haiku etc. They may promise speed, low system requirements and many good and promising features. However, I've been hoping that also the security of these new operating systems would be discussed more.

On the age of Internet can we even imagine a desktop operating system without also a connection to the Internet? With networking comes the need for security.

Although there may be no problem now and although developers may see many more urgent goals, the potential threats of future should be considered too. I think the history of old MS Windows versions at least up to Windows ME shows that network security cannot be easily added into the OS as an afterthought but it should be thought about and build into the OS right from the start.


posted by irbis on Fri 14th Mar 2008 22:17
Conversations If I remember correctly there was an option to cancel news recommendations in older OSnews? Why is there no such option now? (Or am I blind and just missing it?)

It is easy to press the recommend this article button. However, people may change their minds and they can make mistakes. There might be better articles later, like reviews of a product, and you might want to recommend only the one that seems the best one of them in your opinion, and cancel the recommendations for older poorer reviews.


posted by irbis on Mon 10th Mar 2008 09:31
Conversations Here's an idea, maybe not of huge importance but might be useful sometimes.

On the OSnews "Submit News" page you can see suggested news by others. Why not give links there too? Sometimes, when I've submitted news, I've noticed there an interesting news article submitted by others. Usually the submitted news are so new that search engines like Google haven't yet indexed them and thus cannot find them if I try.

On the other hand, I could see one major headache and problem: spam and advertisements... The amount of spam in the submitted news might increase? But maybe that would not be an enormous problem after all?

(By the way, a submitted news article today that I might be interested in reading too, is "Accidental in-depth analysis of Ruby on Rails shortcomings". Does anyone know the link to that one?)