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posted by stestagg on Sat 20th Sep 2008 13:53
Conversations If you try to comment on a news item while not logged in*, you are shown a nice username/password form to login. However this doesn't work. Instead, you are taken to *another* login form that does work, but doesn't redirect you back to the comment page, instead it presents you with the login form again.

I know that there is a login form in the header, but many times, I've been left re-logging in over and over until I realise that I've already logged in on the 1st attempt and just the site is broken.

This has been the case since V4 was released, and I know that it was mentioned by someone else at the time, I'd ignored it because I assumed it was just a minor bug that would get fixed at some point, but it has been getting more and more annoying as time goes by.


* I change browsers/computers *a lot* for my work


posted by stestagg on Wed 16th Apr 2008 14:34
Conversations So, I was looking at the images of Paris Hilton in London [they're on the MSN homepage, I didn't go searching for them ;) ]:

And came to the startling realisation that Paris Hilton is a Thunderbird. It seems that Lady Penelope felt the need to go undercover as an American If you look really closely at the pictures, you can even see the wires ;) .


posted by stestagg on Tue 4th Mar 2008 20:45
Conversations I found this today:

[link]|| || [/link]

If you:
Have a front door that you close,
Use a camera,
Use a mobile phone
Have a white van
Use cleaning chemicals
Have a Credit Card
Use a computer
Have a garage

then YOU could be a terrorist. Phone the hotline and assume the Anti-Terrorist-Submission-position while you wait for the black helicopters to arrive

;) .


posted by stestagg on Tue 18th Dec 2007 03:30
Conversations I was just playing a few rounds of Chess Titans on my shiny new Vista install (This is my third try at sticking with Vista for more than a week). And the computer has decided to chase my King around the board with his Queen. I'm just manoeveuring (sp?) into position to take the Queen, and the computer declares a draw (stalemate)!!

How is this ever a draw situation? (I'm white btw)


posted by stestagg on Thu 15th Nov 2007 13:09
Conversations Performance and Reliability for Excel Through HPC

[link] ||Learn how you can increase the computational power and reliability of Excel 2007 spreadsheets.[/link]

So the Excel calcuation engine performs so badly, and is so over-engineered, that you need a supercomputer/high-performance cluster to cope with it, according to the Microsoft WCC team.

Of course, if you're dealing with datasets with more than 16,384 columns, Excel still won't be able to help you, and don't try asking it to calculate 5.1*12850 if you actually care about the result.

But at least when your custom Excel function is running at 1 cell per minute, you can load your Excel spreadsheet onto the new $1,000,000 Windows HPC Cluster and let it run overnight.

Or, you can buy R, S-Plus, Matlab or Mathematica and actually save s


posted by stestagg on Wed 17th Oct 2007 17:27
Conversations A number of people on this site tend to refer to Microsoft as just: MICROS~1, and while it's pretty petty, and often commented on by the pro-Microsoft crowd, It seems to me that the whole MICROS~1 compatibility-naming-scheme hack is a pretty good metaphor for much that is technically wrong with MS products today, and historically.

For example: My main issue with Vista x64 is that every file operation is examined and potentially redirected at least twice. If a file is to be written to "%Program Files%/OldApp/test.txt". then there will be a redirection to "Program Files (x86)" and also a redirection to %PROFILEPATH%/AppData. When installing Visual Studio 2005, this behaviour changed half-way through the install resulting in files and registry entries irrevocably (the installer broke at this point) scattered across the system.

The MICROS~1 label is just a reminder of why this sort of over engineering is such a bad thing. [/rant]


posted by stestagg on Wed 22nd Aug 2007 14:20
Conversations I've just spent nearly £200 upgrading my hardware to a vista-capabale spec. The question is, should I install vista after upgrading the HW, or install XP?
I did try Vista for a week just after launch and found it pretty flakey, but with new hardware and the latest MS patches, should I try again?


posted by stestagg on Sat 11th Aug 2007 01:07
Conversations ... With all the whining over moderation. You all know how moderation works on this site, live with it. If you get modded-down, be man enough to accept it. If anyone actually is interested in reading what you have written, it is trivial in v4 to expand your comment anyway.

Adam has been doing great work on trying to fix the moderation feature, but endless bitching about people abusing the system doesn't help anyone.


posted by stestagg on Sun 29th Jul 2007 19:49
Conversations So.. propsals for names for Windows 7:

Windows final frontier
Windows panacea
Windows 2.0
Windows for comrades
Windows while you wait


posted by stestagg on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 21:04
Conversations So I'm having this conversation with Almafeta, and the comments are quite nested. When I click on the 'see more of this thread >' link, it takes me to an un-related comments thread based on one of the main news stories, and not to the comment that I expected.


posted by stestagg on Wed 9th May 2007 11:34
Conversations Please(!) add a cursor:pointer; (or style.cursor="pointer"!) to the voting buttons and other actionable items on the site, It's something of a standard amongst most modern sites, and really helps in determining what does what on a website.



posted by stestagg on Wed 25th Apr 2007 22:06


posted by stestagg on Mon 16th Apr 2007 11:33
Conversations ]]>. Nice huh. ]]>


posted by stestagg on Mon 26th Feb 2007 08:34
Conversations Due to the 5 day limit on other conversations. I tried to mod-down a comment yesterday using v4. I clicked yes to the warning and then nothing happened. I was using FF2. The error reported by firebug was: 'lift is not a function Line 148'


posted by stestagg on Mon 19th Feb 2007 17:33
Conversations Maybe this is planned and not yet implemented, but it would be really useful to be able to subscribe to a Conversation and recieve Email updates as comments are added, like the Article comment Notifications. Ste


posted by stestagg on Tue 13th Feb 2007 11:04
Conversations Please, tell me to STFU if I'm just being annoying but... 1. Click on the mod-down button. 2. Click OK to accept that the beta is working on the live db 3. Change your mind and click Cancel on the second dialog. Firefox reports the following error: FALSE is not defined Line 98. Suggested fix: [Line


posted by stestagg on Tue 13th Feb 2007 08:03
Conversations This may already be known about but... If you click on a Recent Comment in the side bar and have set comment view to Expanded Threaded AND the comment has been hidden because it is too far down the thread, then you are taken the the article page, and left at the top. For example: Finding the comment then becomes a PITA, because you have to search through the thread 2 levels at a time, to find the comment you're interested in. Ste.