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posted by wanker90210 on Sun 9th Nov 2008 15:55
Conversations Laptops have dropped quite a bit in price the the last years. So much that I think it's worth to pay some extra to get a reliable high quality machine rather than having to limit myself to the cheapest one I can find which was more or less the case 5 years ago.

I've been searching for a windows laptop which can make use of ECC memories, but this seems to be going nowhere. The original plan if msft to require ecc for vista seems far away. Are there no ecc memory based laptops?


posted by wanker90210 on Tue 29th Jul 2008 23:27
Conversations Lugradio is about to send their latest episode which means the end of my primary source of completely unusable british slang. I'm self employed so I really like the background conversation while programming.

Which tech podcasts would you recommend?