Discussion & Implicit trust

Discussion on OSNews

Despite being "only technology", the subject matter at OSNews has been known to ignite strong emotions. Consequently, people may on occasion get carried away in the comment sections. Most of our readers prefer to read thoughtful, civil comments, and are willing to take the risk of their own comments being de-emphasized in exchange for that privilege.

We like to think we can trust our readers to behave nicely, without the OSNews team acting like a bunch of hyperactive forum moderators. As such, we believe in the following system of implicit trust.

Implicit trust

We at OSNews believe that the best method of promoting insightful, considerate, and inviting discussion is to make sure people do not feel constrained or held back by excessive rules or a fear of getting off-topic. We allow for a great degree of flexibility, and discussions on OSNews can meander from left to right - as long as our users are having fun, we're fine with it.

For this relaxed way of looking at things to function, we rely on a system of implicit trust. We, the OSNews team, trust you to use the comment function responsibly, and to show restraint and politeness when engaging your fellow readers and OSNews editors. In return for your restraint and politeness, we hand over moderation to you, while we sit back and enjoy Martinis and root beers.

Our trust can be violated if you abuse our comments sections by spamming them, by overusing profanity, by posting racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, or by otherwise engaging in discourse that would make your mother unhappy. If you violate our trust, you will be moderated down by your fellow readers, and on very rare occasions, by editors. If you continue to violate our trust, your account will be deactivated.

Visiting a website or a forum is like going to a friend's place for a party. You're free to enjoy a drink and a snack, but if you misbehave and disturb other guests, you will be asked to leave. However, behave appropriately, and you'll have a seriously good time.

Help! I've been banned!

If you think your account has been deactivated unfairly, drop us an email and we'll figure something out. We can easily reactivate accounts, so there's no need to panic. Even if your account has been deactivated fairly - drop us an email. We're not vindictive, and an apology is usually all it takes to earn our trust again.

Legal stuff

The readers' comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. Literally.