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Hardware, Embedded Systems "BIOS giant Phoenix, the company responsible for the pieces of code saved on flash memory and which initialize our computers and interfaces to the hardware at the low level - even before the OS loads, is giving us plenty of reasons to support the case of an open source BIOS."
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take it easy
by ozonehole on Wed 1st Mar 2006 00:57 UTC
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Aren't you guys being a little too harsh on the author? He's not claiming to be a BIOS programmer or a professional writer, but he wrote this article for a reason - he's clearly got a problem, and Gateway is offering him no solution. I'd be really pissed if I couldn't boot my notebook computer off a USB drive. This function has been available for years already, so any recently manufactured computer should have it. I'll get Gateway didn't put a sticker on the machine saying "USB mass storage devices not supported."

Quite frankly, he should demand his money back. Or sue Gateway.

If commercial vendors like Phoenix can't get it right, then an open source BIOS sounds like a good idea.

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