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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Sun has purportedly gone out of its way to draw Linux developers to its hardware platform. Analysts even say that Sun has finally made peace with Linux. But if you look at their web site they appear to have a different story to tell as they attempt to build community support for Solaris10. Frankly, we believe Linux beats Sun in so many categories that we don't even have a race. While Sun wants you to 'get the facts' we notice that they persist in comparing Solaris10 to Red Hat's enterprise model. But that's not the only Linux out there."
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"But, it's not true. Adelstein has 20 plus years as a writer, journalist and he had a reputation as an investigator."
Isn't it wonderfull how one can remain totally clueless and unable to write coherently even after 20 years?

"I saw a recent post on LinuxToday where he asked that LT stop running Lxer articles."
An entirely rational request since not a single lxer article ever has been worth anything.

This is not about being pro-Solaris and anti-Linux. tadelste, and lxer in general, dont have a fscking clue whatsoever. lxer is down there with cooltechzone when it comes to producing worhtless articles. end of story.

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